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Fushigi Yugi

Jan 31, 2012

Fushigi Yuugi, created by Yuu Watase, is one of my most memorable manga's i've ever read. I consider it one of the best shoujo mangas out there. If a shoujo manga attracts even guys, you know it's something about it has got to be good.

Story: It's story is stunning. The legends and stories of the 4 priestesses brings me to tears. The betrayals between friends and the sacrafice that each character makes strikes at my very core. It's got a heart warming plot that makes it one of my favorite stories.

Art: Not bad. Even though it's from the 90's, i really like it. It really just depends on personal preference on wheter you like the artwork or not.

Characters: Each character in Fushigi Yuugi is memorable. They each come with a story of their own, some more tragic than others but even characters that appear for maybe just one chapter come with their own unique stories. There's two paticular characters from chp.50 whose story is my favorite. However, sometimes the characters can be a bit annoying but that's something really minor.

Overall: I really enjoyed reading Fushigi Yuugi. It made me laugh, it didn't make me cry but well that's cause i'm a guy. Guys don't cry reading sob stories or do they? It did make my heart cringe though. Just read Fushigi Yuugi and be prepared to join the ranks of many fans already in love with this manga phenomenon.

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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