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Love Hina

Jan 26, 2012

Love Hina is your standard harem story. 1 Boy, a lot of girls. But what sets Love Hina apart from the rest is that instead of the girls trying to hook up with the main character, the girls in Love Hina are trying to get rid of him!

Add in falling vans, unusually large turtles, anchient civilizations, a girl with a fetish for watermelons, hotsprings, demon slaying samurai girls, a crazy inventor, an outrageously beautiful girl, a childhood promise and you got one crazy adventure.

Keitaro is a two year ronin, meaning he's failed his college entrance exam twice. Kicked out of the house, Keitaro hopes to sleep at his grandmother's inn. But when he arrives, he finds out the inn has been turned into a girls dormitory. Did i mention that in the process Keitaro gropes a girl, steals some panties, streaks throught the hallway with a towel barely covering his privates and flashes a young girl and all on accident?

Luckly, even after the incident Keitaro's been allowed to stay at Hinata house and study for his entrance exam. But he has earn his keep which means wiping down the endless hallways, cleaning the hot springs until you can see your own reflection and washing the windows of the house with the only thing keeping him from falling to his death is the rope around his neck. Yeah, a rope around his neck.

Any guy would give up then and there because of the constant torture, but Keitaro toughs it out. All because of a childhood promise to go to tokyo University together with a girl he barely remembers. Love Hina follows keitaro's journey to find his promise girl all while surviving the 6 girls who dream of only kicking Keitaro out of the dorm.

Full of comedy, Love Hina is for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Like any harem story, there's gropes and panty shots but the real comedy is when keitaro gets beaten senseless by our 6 female cast. The character's are all incredible. They're loveable and  silly, some would say too silly. But if you can get past that sillyness, love hina is surely a manga that anyone will enjoy.

The art is very well done for 1998, the art is very clean. At the beginning, i thought the art was a little funky but as you progress deeper into the volumes, you can see the art gets much better in my opinion.

The plot seems to be very simple but Ken Akamatsu turns this simple tale into 14 volumes of outrageous comedy. I promise you that anyone who has a decent sense of humor and reads Love Hina will spend a good amount of time laughing.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
9/10 overall

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yukichii Jan 28, 2012

Thanks for the review, I found it very useful and realistic.