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Otaku Friends (Erika & Walker - Durarara!!)

... I'm editing/updating my "Loved/Hated Characters" lists. This may take a while ...

**Please note**:

-Characters on my "Loved Characters" list are characters I wouldn't be the same without (in a positive way).

-Characters on my "Hated Characters" list are characters whose very mention makes me shake with rage & disghust.

-Characters from titles I've seen that are NOT on either list are characters I feel neutrally about.

*(`T_T) ...having to wait for English subtitles for raw episodes is one of the main reasons I'm learning Japanese.

There are 4 major dilemmas in my life:

1.) Too much anime, too little time.

2.) Choosing a favorite anime (or a "Top Favorite List" comprised of under 30-40 titles/series).

3.) Choosing which title/series to watch next.

4.) Trying to NOT add to my "I Want to Watch" list by browsing through "similar/related" title lists for titles/series I've watched.

It seems that, for every anime series I watch, I find at least 5 more series that I want to watch. (T_T)

I frequently suffer from "Anime Deja Vu" (when you either simply pick a title or begin watching a title thn realize "Hey!...I've watched this!" - without intentionally trying to watch said title again) as a result of my Advanced Stage CRS (CRS-Can't Remember Shit). (>_<) my "Anime I've Watched" List will forever be as incomplete as my memory. (-_-)

Rating anime is not as simple as "i liked it" or "i didn't like it". It's a complicated process of evaluating the value of the art work, plot & storyline, characters & their developments, the dialogue, the emotions the series invokes, the cultural aspects & the originality of the series ... then taking into consideration the timeframe during which the series was created (because a aspects of a series from the 1990's can't directly be compaired to a series from the 2010+ timeframe).

Besides, i love anime too much - all the generations & genres - to really be able to give an accurate "rating". 

**ANY anime I've given a rating to, is only to show which titles are my personal favorites.

Go watch Bakuman (all 3 seasons) & you'll understand why i feel the way i do. Like every book is an author's "heart & soul", so is every anime/manga a mangaka's "heart & soul". 

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What?! No manga ratings?

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RakkiKuroNeko Jun 24, 2015

Yay! :3

Woah that sounds awesome!! :) I hope you have loads of fun ^^ How long are you going for? :3 

RakkiKuroNeko Jun 24, 2015

That's awesome!~ Where are you going? ^_^ 

Oh and I started my manga art project now :) I'll upload a picture of it when I'm done if you want ^^ (Because I remember I said I was going to upload a pic... But I forgot ^ ^;) 

rondnoir Jun 22, 2015

Hello! Nice profile by the way. (:

RakkiKuroNeko Jun 19, 2015

Well I'll definitely try it sometime! ^_^ 

OK~ I hope you check back as much as possible because it's very nice to hear back from you ^^ 

Excuse my really short message, I was at a chinese resturant for my nans birthday yesterday and I didn't get home till past 11. And In total I've had just over 4 hours sleep (>_<)zzz I'm so tired! 

RakkiKuroNeko Jun 16, 2015

PSHE is Personal, social, health and economic education. And awww guess we both suck at public speaking then > < But I will try my best! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ I've already got a topic so I just need to lork on the speech.

Oh haha, Sounds like you had a nice 2 days (apart from the hair cutting) I'm curious, What does ramen taste like?? 0.0 It's really great that your hair grows back quickly! Your hair problem remind me of when I used to have a full fringe and I let my mother cut it.... I regreted it ever since > < 

Thanks~ You too! :3 

Sorry about my short reply~ I need to start getting ready for school asap > <