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BakaFlocka Apr 25, 2020

Do you even go on here anymore ... :( 

BakaFlocka Apr 1, 2020

You know that black lady everyone's making fun of? Lori light foot or whatever cuz she wore them big ass clothes. I just wanted to say if you wore big ass clothes I wouldn't make fun of you. In fact I used to wear big ass pants. I have pics. Pants that would be so long and big, I would step on the bottom of them when I walk, cuz they would be under my shoe. I would actually think you look pretty in your big ass clothes. Maybe you can wear my clothes , and it be big as hell /.\ just a maybe. Maybe something camo? *blushing*

BakaFlocka Apr 1, 2020

Not flirting tho. 

BakaFlocka Mar 31, 2020

Amy be like : lemme fix my sleeping schedule now before my bday comes and I end up sleeping through it 

BakaFlocka Mar 31, 2020

I just finished fruits basket smh I liked that shit, it is literally Twilight if twilight was an anime. Did you ever watch twilight? Those movies were decent, remember when they played baseball? Lit