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Hi! Thanks for stopping by, here's the gist;

I've been in the anime scene since 2011 or 2012 but got seriously invested around 2016 thanks to discovering about half of my favorites that year. Used to be real into cosplay but nowadays I just lurk on forums and attend cons once or twice a year. 

One of my other hobbies is instrumental music. Between marching band, random orchestral pieces I find on youtube, and movie/video game/anime soundtracks, I enjoy playing and listening to a wide range of stuff! Few things feel as good as when you comb through a soundtrack and find songs that so distinctly throw you back into the feeling/vibe/atmosphere of the scenes when that song played. Be it the bangers or the chill background vibes of the track.

I'm also a huge fan of video games with interesting, explorable worlds like Guild Wars 2, Breath of the Wild, and Octopath Traveler. (I'm only halfway through octopath though and who knows if I'll survive that beast of a combat system). In my mind, there's nothing better than getting to dig into a story and experience normal life in a not-so-normal world. 

Another hobby of mine is MBTI--I spend a good amount of time reading up about cognitive function theory and applying it to characters, especially anime characters. Anime in general has really interesting ways of writing characters, and it can be fun to try deciphering it all from a MBTI lens. For anyone that's also into MBTI, I'm an ISFP :)

I have very little patience with my media; if I'm watching a TV show or anime and I don't like it, it's going on the dropped list ASAP. There's been a couple exceptions to that rule, but as a wise person once said, life's too short to watch bullshit. 

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White Noise - Tokyo Revengers S2


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World's Continuation - One Piece Film Red


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Dragon Force - Fairy Tail




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Soul Eater


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Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan


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 The Vision of Escaflowne


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Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These


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Akagami no Shirayukihime


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Hoshiai no Sora


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Dr. Stone


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Ghost Hound


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Kuroko no Basket


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 After War Gundam X










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featherstone Dec 27, 2021

Few years ago I was playing with some psychotest for fun. I stubled upon MBTI and was stunned by how accurate it was, since then I'm a fan. How bout you?

"better luck meeting fellow MBTI theory hobby-ists out in the wild" yeah, not really. Most people I know is not interested in it

featherstone Dec 25, 2021

Hello, thank you again for recs. It's nice to find a fellow MBTI theory hobbyst. You are propobly the first declared ISFP I've met =)

Phantombladeno1 Jan 2, 2020

How to watch anime on anime planet

XxZeroeZxX Jul 19, 2019

Yeah I watched 91 Days after the fact and I loved the methodical episode-to-episode type pacing

Ah I'll eventually find one evening to wrap it up

So what r u up to these days stranger? College I guess?