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I'm not really good with bios and this was my first time. So here it goes....

I'm Cherry.  Watching anime is like a getaway from the busy everyday life for me and I realised eventually that it's not only a source of recreation but also someting we can learn from ^-^  So I first watched anime when I was a 6th grader (Though I watched most of them in 2020)



Clanned was the first anime I'd watched. It's a highschool life based anime with comedy, romance, mystery and eventually a sad (or rather confusing) ending. I was annoyed to be honest cuz I watched two whole freaking seasons only to get an unsatisfactory ending. Maybe cuz I really got into the series and when the ending isn't satisfectory it's only natural that I'm sad (or even mad lol) I hate sad endings more than I hate eating radish (maybe some of you can relate?)

So I quit watching for the time being. But during quarantine when you have nothing better to do, all your friends are getting depressed, I thought it could be a great distraction and rewatched the whole series. And that's when I truely reasiled what it means to watch an anime, continue the journey till the end and feel a rollercoaster of emotions along the way.

I don't actually watch anime based on their ratings and there are so many of them out there underrated. So I guess I ain't the typical weeb. I enjoy watching romcom, slice of life, drama, action-comedy. Watching anime had me realise a lot actually. The necessity of laughter and imagination in our day to day life... 

The world of imagination is amazing. But when I watch something to enjoy I certainly don't want depressing and unsatisfactory endings to leave me confused and maybe sometimes even angry.... and most of all it's embarrassing to have your siblngs laughing at you for crying over a TV series >.<



   Snow White With The Red Hair


           Ouran High School Host Club


       Fruits basket 


 Kaichu wa Maid-sama 


            Tamako Love Story 


 A Silent Voice 


  Your Name


Though I'm a huge fan of rom-com and slice of life, I recently started watching action-comedy and shounen (recommendations needed!!) These are the animes I literally LOVED watching. Obviously there are a lot more and I can't possibly name all of them.

    Every story is unique when you can connect with the characters and understand the unspoken.  

When you smile thru tears watching the last episode of your favourite anime, you've been with them since the very start, don't they seem too attached to be just someone elses' imagination? Though I haven't watched a lot of animes yet, unlike you amazing people, I love this world of fantasy. Let's discover anime world and have fun together!



 Those who survived till the end, thanks for visiting ^^ Have a great day!❣❤❣


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3inOne May 7, 2022

Hi! Sorry for the late response haha, I haven't been active on this site in a while. And yes! That's correct. It's Shin-ah from Akatsuki no Yona, he's one of my favorite anime characters!

I've been doing well! I just finished up my third year of university so it's a relief to no longer be drowning in homework and classess haha. I haven't watched anything recently... do you have any good recomendations for some newer anime? How have you been? 

WastedSugar Apr 30, 2022

I love the idea of baking and exchanging pictures of our breads! I don't have a messaging app, but we can exchange them in the comments, or we can do Instagram messages if you don't want to post them publicly? I think I want to try baking more things now! Eid mubarak to you as well. :)

WastedSugar Apr 30, 2022

I totally understand lacking self confidence and having doubts. It wasn't always this bad for me, but I think the pandemic made it worse because I started working from home and stopped going out. Lately, I've been putting more effort into my bucketlist and plan to travel more when I'm able. I also started remodelling my house, because being cooped up in it for the entire pandemic has caused me to literally hate it. lol You should try a bucketlist. It's been motivational for me. Either way, good luck with proving yourself to yourself!!! I guess that's what I'm doing, too. I just didn't know that's what I was doing? I'm sure you'll do great. As long as you're happy with your life and what you do with it, it's worth it. :)

XxZeroeZxX Apr 30, 2022

I'm surprised w/ Clannad as your 1st anime, you'd didn't hav severe emotional trauma lol

Good on you, I miss those days, a lot of hard hitters in that era...

In terms of something recent though, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is the 1st thing that comes to mind <3

Bloom19 Apr 30, 2022

Your welcome and thank you for following me back!

I would totally recommend "MY love story!!", "Free! Iwatobi swim club", "Yuri on Ice" and "Say "I love you"".

Well... right now I have a lot on my plate that I want to watch and read... BUT if you have watched somthing that I haven´t and you think it is a must then feel free to say so! ;D

Have a good day/night too!