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halycondayz Jun 26, 2022

Then prove it, dear, because so far you haven't. <3

ReviewBonfire Jun 25, 2022

You can't even write your own texts. This only makes you express your opinion even less. Also, about the other person, I seem to believe her more than you. After all, you're already showing me what kind of person you are.

Elitist? Me? Half of my favorites are relatively mediocre anime like Demon Slayer, Shield Hero, My Hero Academia, One Piece and a few others. If I'm an elitist, then I'm definitely watching the wrong category, considering that among my top 15, half are just shounen.

Bleach is still one of the coolest anime I've seen, has some of the best shounen fighting and intriguing music. Doesn't change how shallow the shounen is and how much potential was wasted. No matter how many timesfans cry, this is a fact. It's not for nothing that Bleach doesn't even come close to One Piece or Naruto in terms of scoring and hype. Although Naruto completely screwed up the story in the end, it still had a very good concept and many moments of brilliance. And One Piece, despite its many flaws, is probably the most creative manga out there. Bleach, on the other hand, barely holds its own by convincing with dynamics, not characters.

Kubo has at least brought some decent backgrounds, making the characters not disastrous but average.

People who constantly think everything is good as it is only make all these themes harder. I don't hate Bleach and I'm not an Orihime hater, I don't care about the girl. If I am a hater, it's more of 99% of all harem protagonists and heroines that drive me crazy.