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Fresh Pretty Cure!

Jul 21, 2012

I totally forgot the meaning of "Shoujo Girls" during this anime, Besides the whole generic shoujo plot, the girls failed to keep their identity as a magical girl hidden multiple times, and even Tart fails to keep his own secret. I know that even that some shoujo girls fail to do this,  but they correct that from the start. 

Fresh Pretty Cure is my first Pretty Cure out of the series, and I just didn't see the point in going back and watching 50+ episodes of 2 seasons of generic shoujo. 


Minus, Cure Passion and Tart, the characters are annoying. Love, who is constantly "Happy-go-lucky" nosey, and always finding a way to butt into other peoples bussiness, she's selfish and self-centred, and never seems to give a time of day to the other members feelings. Inori, whose "special" talent is to talk to animals through her Cure, I just found that unbelieveable, (yes I know, a shoujo girl anime), and Miki, whose "always" perfect, a model, a dancer, and lets not forget, a cure. Loved Miki at first, before Cure Passion came along, and knocked the other Cure's out of the way. 

Cure Passion was one of the reasons I will carry on watching this anime, to see how it develops, and to see if it can anymore likeable to its shoujo girl counterparts. 


Now the story, I wouldn't say it's as bad as the characters are, but it is your typical shoujo girl plot, some evil gang of evil dooers come along to rid the world of happiness, blah blah blah. It's so overused in the shoujo magic industry, I had trouble wolfing it down. Now, the evil dooers. I loved Eas, through and through, but the other two? I just couldn't understand them, why did the evil lord constantly let the idiotic one, make idiotic monsters? It made no sense, if he wanted Sorrow to be put in the gauge atleast effectively, he should've sent them both off in a team of two, or something. It just baffling. 

I also couldn't understand why the Cure's were always so...overpowered, I haven't yet seen them once get hurt, and stunned so much they couldn't stand up, carry it on to the next episode, and that really bored me, I needed some sort of action, that didn't let me know what was going to happen next. As for their weapons, I just didn't see the point in their "level-up" the monsters weren't all that hard to defeat, they had no trouble at all. so why "level-up?" 

Overall, I believe that if you haven't watched a shoujo girl anime before, this is the perfect anime for you, it's somewhat likeable, and had me fangirling in places. But if you hate the overused shoujo girl plot, etc. Just don't even bother starting to watch this. 7/10. 

8/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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