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Anime with shoujo-ai or yuri undertones

They contain one or more pairs of characters that are either in a relationship that is not the focus of the story or have relationships that are "more than friends" that have not been confirmed.
1 A-Channel


Tooru is rather fond of her friend Run... 'chase away guys with a metal baseball bat if they try to get close'-fond of her.

2 A Centaur's Life

A Centaur's Life

Two of the side characters (Akechi and Inukai) are dating, not that we'll focus on that though...

3 Amanchu!


Teko and Pikari sitting in a tree... well, no time for that sort of stuff. SLICE OF LIFE.

4 Comic Girls

Comic Girls

Koyume is kind of crushing on Tsubasa and Ruki thinks Kaoruko is an adorable blob of moe... 



Papika loves Cocona, like really loves Cocona. But let's focus on ADVENTURE!

6 Hoshikuzu Telepath

Hoshikuzu Telepath

Believe it or not, they gay

7 Keijo!!!!!!!!


Sports is the actual focus of this show, but there's at least one girl in this show that fancies girls.

8 Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan

Ships, ships everywhere.

9 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Tohru loves Kobayashi in a very sexual way, but... doesn't act on it. So undertones it is.

10 New Game!

New Game!

Rin has such a yuri-crush on Kou it's honestly a surprise that she hasn't pounced her yet.

11 Saki


The blushing is heavy in this one, and it ships so many couples I don't even know where to begin.

12 Saki: Episode of Side A

Saki: Episode of Side A

At least one lovely-dovely shoujo-ai relationship in this one between Ryuuka and Toki.

13 Scorching Ping Pong Girls

Scorching Ping Pong Girls

Why can't I hold all these pairings, jesus. But no, this is about table tennis.

14 Slow Start

Slow Start

Kamuri is more than just fond of Eiko... but let's enjoy cute girls doing cute things instead.

15 Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium

Background yuri couples best couples? But the actual show is about a brass band... then there's also the 'friendship' between Kumiko and Reina. But let's ignore that, woohoo, music.

16 The Demon Girl Next Door

The Demon Girl Next Door

Perhaps more undertone-y than the rest on this list... but, towards the end of the series there's a certain 'misunderstanding'.

17 The Everyday Tales of a Cat God

The Everyday Tales of a Cat God

18 Yutori-chan


Yutori-chan kind of loves her senpai, but this is a slice of life work life comedy instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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AnnaSartin Mar 12, 2022

Suggestion from Ryuubus:

<code class="inline">The Fruit Tart girls get in a lot of yuri-esque scenarios, from suggestively sleeping together and breasts fondling, to throw-away jokes calling Ino a player and her not denying that she likes cute girls and ofc a classic the yandere crush</code> - GALS BEING PALS - lots of innuendo moments - Midori has a yandere crush on Ino - Hayu also lowkey has a crush on Ino but wont say it - Roko's preference for big boobs (as she says she likes them flufy) ive included screenshots and gifs from the show for visual references