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Anime with shoujo-ai or yuri undertones

They contain one or more pairs of characters that are either in a relationship that is not the focus of the story or have relationships that are "more than friends" that have not been confirmed.

Best moms

Motherly characters in anime. In no particular order.

Characters that whine too much

These damn characters whine too much!

Daily Manga Marathon #0 (April-May)

Manga from the pilot-marathon for DMMC

Daily Manga Marathon #1 (July-August)

Manga we read during the first non-pilot DMMC.

Disgustingly adorable manga

A list of manga that are just too cute for their own good. Might contain a disproportionate amount of shoujo-ai.

Favourite OP/EDs

A list of my favourite Opening or Ending songs from anime. Still a work in progress.

Lovecraftian manga

This list features things that directly make reference to or use of things/gods/creations and other Eldritch horrors from H.P. Lovecraft's (and others such as August Derleth) Cthulu Mythos. Entries without reasons attached are...

Manga in my bookshelf

Manga that I own physical copies of