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ChalamiuS Dec 20, 9pm
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As the deletion page says, deletions can not be undone. They are final.
ChalamiuS Dec 19, 9pm
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Do not leave comments with private information on them. Send a DM on Discord or use conversations on the forum. Additionally, your information does not match any known user in the database. There is no account with that username or any of those emails.
ChalamiuS Oct 24
commented on AnimeJunkee's anime custom list
Lycoris Recoil should be on this list too, seeing as it's the only instance of Girls with Guns we've gotten this decade :D

Girls with Guns (anime edition)

A list of anime that feature a female protagonist whose primary weapon is a gun, which she uses frequently throughout the anime.

ChalamiuS May 2021
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Thanks for the suggestion to the Lovecraftian manga list, I'll take a look at it and add it if I think it fits. :)
ChalamiuS Mar 2021
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I just graduated from high school and are now in college I am studying to be a Robotics Engineer at UMHB I have two older sisters, and I have two dogs