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⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:⭐About me⭐:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

Hello and nice to meet you!

➼ My Birthday: May 15

➼ Profile Picture: Megumin from Konosuba

➼ Header Photo: Tamako and Mochizou from Tamako Love Story.

➼ My Hobbies: Video games, Piano, Chess

➼ I am currently burnt out from anime, but i'll get back into it eventually.

➼ I will always respond back, same as following back. 
(If it has been a few days and I still dont follow back, feel free to unfollow me or leave me a comment so I remember!)

➼ I change my anime and/or manga ratings every now and then. So some of my ratings will be different from what it once was. But overall, most of them should stay the same.

➼ I inconsistently watch anime and only do so when I have free time.

I'm trying to watching more though!!!

⭐Video Games⭐

I play video games on the daily so i can't remember all i've played lol. Some popular ones I've played are Valorant, Roblox, Osu, Doki-Doki, Mario Cart, Smash Ultamate, Kirby, Minecraft, Breath of the Wild, Undertale and a whole bunch more!



⭐Anime I'm Watching⭐

Haikyuu / Monogatari S:2 / Neon Genesis Evangelion / Mieruko Chan / Made in Abyss S:2 / Jujutsu Kaisen / Call of the Night / Fruits Baskets / Spy x Family Part 2 / Chainsaw Man / Golden Time

My Main Focus: Call of the Night / Spy x Family Part 2 / Chainsaw Man / Golden Time



⭐Top 3 Favorite Series⭐

 1.KonoSuba          2.After Story          3.Steins Gate


⭐Favorite Anime Film⭐

Legend of Crimson




⭐What I'm Reading⭐

Mieruko-chan / Solo Leveling / Demon Slayer/ My Dress Up Darling / Konosuba Light Novels / Oregairu Light Novel / Land of the Lustrous

My Main Focus:  Konosuba Light Novels 



⭐Top 3 Favorite Books⭐

            1.Konosuba LN          1.Love is War          3.3 Days of Happiness




⭐Favorite Anime Openings⭐




⭐Favorite Anime Endings⭐




⭐Favorite Characters⭐     

★-Megumin-★                                                                 ★-Inaba-★


           ★-Hikigaya-★                                                                    ★-Kazuma-★          


I have a few other favorite characters that could come up close to them. These are just some of my few favorites!


I watch a lot more anime than I read manga which can easily seen, but I'll still read some now and then.



  My Rating System⭐ 

|0|🌺Unrated. I forgot to rate it, don't know how to rate it, or am currently watching it.

|0.5|🌺Appalling. Disgusting and horrendous. No redeeming factors.

|1|🌺Awful. Pretty horrible. None of it is really likeable.

|1.5|🌺Really Bad. There are way too many flaws.

|2|🌺Bad. Kind of unpleasant and / or tedious. Can be worked and improved apon.

|2.5|🌺Average. Definitly not the best, but definitly not the worst.

|3|🌺Fine. Nothing too astonishing.

|3.5|🌺Good.  Nice to read / or watch.

|4|🌺Really Good! Very good! I really liked it!

|4.5|🌺Amazing!! Almost the best! I enjoyed watching / or reading it so much!

|5|🌺Fantastic!!! My absolute favorite!!! I loved every single thing about it!!!!!

 Reach out to me on MyAnimeList!-❤️❤️❤️



Thats about it for my bio, thank you so much for checking out my profile!!!

-Last Updated : 12/7/2022-

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