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Art house and artful anime

Anime that emphasizes and favors audiovisual aesthetics, artful scenes and experimental styles or formats or ideas over conventional narration and exposition. Or what the uninitiated call weird and artsy shit. But we know better...

Celeriac's favorite anime

In very loosely descending order, with comments on why I like them!

Nice music

Opening, ending, or soundtrack-wise. Just my personal opinion, in alphabetical order.

Philosophical anime

Anime where I found noteworthy philosophical substance either by inferred message or as a point of meditation. Personal reasoning/findings included (though I'm not any sort of final authority on them). In very loosely descending...

Popular anime that underwhelmed me

In alphabetical order, including anime with an average rating of 3.8 and up. I needed a pressure valve, and this list is it. Sorry if your favorite anime is here. Some of the anime here are quite okay (3 stars is entertaining in...

Zen Anime

This is a list of anime that offer a zenlike perspective to their stories. Zen (禅), also "chán" in Chinese or "dhyāna" in Sanskrit, means mindful absorption or a meditative state of mind. Zen's core mindset is that of...