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LailanD Oct 17, 2022

:D I see, we're all eagerly waiting for your return. I've sent all the server invites to your DM. 

Have a great time :)

LailanD Oct 16, 2022

Loll don't mind that unambiguity 😅 it's good to hear you're doing fine.

Btw, just curious, why is your age showing 23? :×

I sent you the friend request, and Weiwu also did. 

LailanD Oct 11, 2022

Hi, I'm fine, what about you?

It's really weird tho, I guess I'll send you an fr soon.

So you're that lone right? XD 

LailanD Oct 3, 2022

Not sure about why it doesn't work, my discord user is the same as before: LailanD#4256. I'll instead just send you an fr soon, really busy with exams.

It's disappointing to hear that not resolved.. I hope it does, soon.

Have a great day, stay safe :)

XxShenQingQiuxX Sep 20, 2022

Hiii! Hope you come back to discord sooonnnn!!