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YukinaZero Jul 23, 2020

I read Ebony again! You were totally right, there was more to this manga then what I saw at first glance. I'm so glad I gave it a second chance!😊

YukinaZero Jul 22, 2020

Well then! Now you've caught my interests. I must confess this is not a manga that I had ever considered revisiting but now that someone's given it there stamp of approval I might reconsider. This might surprise you but I actually really liked the plot of this manga and read all the way up to chapter 15 for this reason. The only reason I disliked it so much is because while I by no means consider myself to be a crazy hardcore feminist. I have found that as I grow older I become less and less tolerant towards the disrespect and degradation girls face as the 'comic relief'in these types of manga. On a side note I also rather like her design and am glad to have found someone that agrees with me. 😊

Ponyo18 Jul 13, 2020

Who's that on ur profile pic?

YukinaZero Jul 6, 2020

No worries about the long responce!😊

I'm very glad to hear you opinion on the matter because I had actually been thinking of giving this one a second try. With you raving reviews now I guess I have no excuse not to! 

I agree with your assessment that making a cool and relatable character is very hard. Your also ablostuly right that it's much more inspiring to witness a protagonist be brave then a terrible mixed bag of cliches. Maybe I was being to harsh, because I never ment to implie that there weren't any good female leads in this genre. Just that it was rare. My personal favorites are Athy from Who Made Me A Princess and Melissa from Beware of the Villainess! Both of them are very entertaining and compelling to read and I would argue that that's the most important quality in a protagonist.

YukinaZero Jun 21, 2020

lol, i'm glad that at least someone could relate.