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My name is Catarina and I'm from Portugal!! Here, where I live, there isn't too much manga in stores nor too much anime airing on TV but I do my best to keep up with the trends!!! I wish I could do better, but my life sometimes can be quite time consuming... which sucks!!! (x_x)

I’m starting University this year and my schedule really really sucks! I have almost no time to breathe in the first semester! I hope I can still watch as much anime as I want to. Thankfully, it gets lighter in the second semester so there’s still hope! (^_^)

I have always dreamt of learning how to play the guitar, therefore I bought one, books and guitar related stuff about a year ago... Guess what, I still don't know how to play one single song (x_x) The guitar's in my bedroom getting dusty. It's probably all rusty now, or something (can guitars get rusty?) At some point in my life I hope I get someone to teach me how to play it...

I love to travel and be in touch with new cultures! I hope I get to visit Japan someday (oh another manga & anime fan who wants to go to Japan, that's not something you see every day...), specially Kyoto (I've had a thing for Kyoto since I was a child, don't ask me why because even I don't know)

Oh yea, this I'm having Japanese classes! It's really exciting, but a bit scared, at the same time lol

I don't know which one I prefer: manga or anime... It's a hard question, you know? Sometimes I'm more into manga other times I'm more into anime. But I usually read the manga at the same time I´m watching the anime, if I see it might be worth it (most of the time is).

I have a cat! She’s beautiful white cat, with green eyes and a little silver spot in the back of her head. She's so PWETTY!! (>_<) Her name's Yuki and she's my baby lol Seriously, I can't live without her, even though she's only been with me for a few months...

I also love coffee, ice cream (if it's coconut ice cream then I'm in heaven), dark chocolate, petit gateux and the best dessert in the world "Baba de Camelo" (it's a Portuguese dessert and if you translate it literally to English it will be: Camel's drool - I know it sounds disgusting, but I'm telling you it's DELICIOUS!)

Other things that I love are my iPod and listening to it, sleep, go out at night, cinema, theater, reading, table tennis, the zoo, twitter (it's so damn addicting), Spring, TV shows (like grey's anatomy, house, the L word, supernatural etc etc) and my friends!! - There are more stuff but those are the ones I can think of atm.





 Feel free to drop by anytime, I don't bite! x3

xo xo


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n00bl3t Aug 22, 2009


Just thought I would drop in and ask what Sasameki Koto is about?

Also, with Candy Boy, be careful with it since it goes into "twincest" themes. Kamimasi Girl Meets Girl frustrated me after the first few episodes so I am trudging through it now. However, that may just be me.

I found Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru to be alright, but yes, definitely not humour for all.

Shoujo sect: Innocent Lovers by any chance? Are there only three episodes?

alexshim Aug 21, 2009

the signature is awesome man is it sango from inuyasha i read your bio and it was heck of interesting try going through it once you will make some correction of spellings there by the way name of university? can you tell me?

TohnoShiki Aug 21, 2009

hey thanks for those recommendations. I will definitely check them out. I also though like to wait until a whole series comes out so i can can watch as much of it in one go as I like, I think it woulld drive me crazy to have to wait a whole week for a story I loved to continue, lol. 

I never really read much manga, but Morinaga milk sounds like a good place to start for me.are they lioke a publisher that has loads of stuff, or is it only girl friends?

sigh... ±I think you and noobl3t are right about SP. I almost started reading the light novels  for them, which apparently have a different story, but they only published 2 out of 3 of them in englsh, arrgh.

cheers (p.s. you diddn't write too much it was alll really helpful,, thanks)

BrokenAngelx Aug 21, 2009


Allright... Nas aulas estas mais que nas ferias? Ok és a primeira que ouvi que daz isso xD Hmm eu não tenho mesmo ferias.. eu tive arranhar-me o bilhet identidade, saude etc. Mas tenho sorte que o BI ja vem com tudo.Hoje tenho aulas de condução e eu pendo que ce vou dar um salto no forum de Almada.

Estou toda contente por ecomendado o meu cosplay para Anipop. <3Meu studo? É assim.. em Holand os cursos e classes eram differentes e descobrimos que eu tinha 10 1. E que ia agora para 10 2.Mas a minha grammatica portugesa esta ainda assim assim entao vou entrar num curso professional porque eu estava em holanda estudar turismo.Mas a class ja esta cheia mas 2 ou 3 vão com muita chance sair..E assim eu entrave mas eu vou sou ter a certeza quando eu vou a escola buscar o meu horario em Monte Caparica.E a minhas aulas começam dia 11 de Septembro.

<3 Stephanie l

ThePatches Aug 20, 2009

Thanks for the review comment!

SP! is certainly enjoyable. I enjoyed it. I even did an AMV for it. But, it's lacking in overall quality. The pacing could have been better and the animation is certainly barely passable...

But I love the series anyway. ;) Sometimes--heck, a lot of the time--I love an anime out of proportion with its quality.