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My name is Catarina and I'm from Portugal!! Here, where I live, there isn't too much manga in stores nor too much anime airing on TV but I do my best to keep up with the trends!!! I wish I could do better, but my life sometimes can be quite time consuming... which sucks!!! (x_x)

I’m starting University this year and my schedule really really sucks! I have almost no time to breathe in the first semester! I hope I can still watch as much anime as I want to. Thankfully, it gets lighter in the second semester so there’s still hope! (^_^)

I have always dreamt of learning how to play the guitar, therefore I bought one, books and guitar related stuff about a year ago... Guess what, I still don't know how to play one single song (x_x) The guitar's in my bedroom getting dusty. It's probably all rusty now, or something (can guitars get rusty?) At some point in my life I hope I get someone to teach me how to play it...

I love to travel and be in touch with new cultures! I hope I get to visit Japan someday (oh another manga & anime fan who wants to go to Japan, that's not something you see every day...), specially Kyoto (I've had a thing for Kyoto since I was a child, don't ask me why because even I don't know)

Oh yea, this I'm having Japanese classes! It's really exciting, but a bit scared, at the same time lol

I don't know which one I prefer: manga or anime... It's a hard question, you know? Sometimes I'm more into manga other times I'm more into anime. But I usually read the manga at the same time I´m watching the anime, if I see it might be worth it (most of the time is).

I have a cat! She’s beautiful white cat, with green eyes and a little silver spot in the back of her head. She's so PWETTY!! (>_<) Her name's Yuki and she's my baby lol Seriously, I can't live without her, even though she's only been with me for a few months...

I also love coffee, ice cream (if it's coconut ice cream then I'm in heaven), dark chocolate, petit gateux and the best dessert in the world "Baba de Camelo" (it's a Portuguese dessert and if you translate it literally to English it will be: Camel's drool - I know it sounds disgusting, but I'm telling you it's DELICIOUS!)

Other things that I love are my iPod and listening to it, sleep, go out at night, cinema, theater, reading, table tennis, the zoo, twitter (it's so damn addicting), Spring, TV shows (like grey's anatomy, house, the L word, supernatural etc etc) and my friends!! - There are more stuff but those are the ones I can think of atm.





 Feel free to drop by anytime, I don't bite! x3

xo xo


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BrokenAngelx Aug 24, 2009

haai haai,

ah nao faz mal, eu feria a mesma coisa XD Sim eu espero tabem, ehm como sabes eu morro agora em Portugal mas em Holanda eu vivia em Zaandam, aquilo e 14 km de Amsterdam.BAD GIRL~~ YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING INSTEAD OF MSN'NING! Whoo is that even a word? xDMas eu vou por-te na minha lista da msn.. finally xDAh entao vou esprementar econtrar-te no anipop xDEu ja nao posso esperar ate o meu  cosplay chega hehe..

Eu andei a fazer nada and that's horor... eu acho que vou agora ver a nova parte de anime Full Metal Alchemist hehe.

Kapchuuu~~ xx. Stephanie

TohnoShiki Aug 23, 2009

Hi thanks for those recs, I just got Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo to take with me on holiday next week, looking forward to reading it.

Sasameki Koto looks good as well, just have to wait for it to come out now lol,

alexshim Aug 23, 2009

thankss for it even i have send some application iam trying to get in rather nyu or toky u this year and i am glad you corrected them all

Aemony Aug 23, 2009

Yeah, in our generation Sailor Moon, Pokémon and Dragonball seems to be the most famous anime. That's probably because those was most aired on the television in our childhood.

And another reason why I tend to like manga more than anime today is that many anime studios have the 1 manga chapter = 1 anime episode approach. For most anime the episode usually contain five or more of the manga chapters to fill out the episode with content, but with the studios new approach the episodes are filled with the same scene from different angles.

Most noticable of this new approach (except for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's Endless Eight Act) is the scene from Naruto Shippuuden where Naruto and Orichimaru meets for the first time since the start of the anime (on the bridge over the cliff). One of those episodes there are filled with the same stuff from a ton of different angles, and when Sakura mentions (if I remember correctly) that two minutes have passed (the episode was around 15 minutes in the timeline) I actually laughed out loud.

That was 15 minutes of two minutes storyline from all kinds of angles. :-P

Anyway, thanks for your comment and I hop I haven't bored you with my long comment! ^_^

n00bl3t Aug 22, 2009

I read up on Sasameki Koto a bit. I will start reading it and awaiting the anime now. :D

A-P has not added the tag, and it does not even have the fact that they are twin sisters in the description. (

Candy Boy is still a good anime though.

Now I need to find Shoujo sect: Innocent Lovers to read.