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BrokenAngelx Aug 18, 2009

Oh wait I see you live in Lisbon mwhahaha dumb me xD

BrokenAngelx Aug 18, 2009

So you live arround Porto? Yep Yep i am studying Japanese.Yaaaaay then I see you there, are you going with a group? xDI am going alone as a anime schoolgirl or as Sakura Haruno xDi so looking forward too, it will be my first con here,Well I arrived 12 july here,  but I came every year here on holiday.My mom didn't talked Dutch back home so I was forced to talk Portugese and i so don't regret it. I'll be studying in Mont Caparica this year hihi.


BrokenAngelx Aug 18, 2009


Ah well thank you! Yes I live 5 minutes walking off the beach and I can speak and write portugese fluently.. xD So are you going to anipop?and thanks for your comment...

lalala baaibaai

TohnoShiki Aug 18, 2009


yeah Strawberry Panic is great, if only they would make a season 2...

MoonSlayer Aug 12, 2009

Neliel is awesome^^ Is your avatar from an anime?