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n00bl3t Aug 20, 2009


Another shoujo-ai lover. (I found you off TohnoShiki's page.)

I just thought I would pop on over here and say hello. :D

BrokenAngelx Aug 19, 2009

Heey Catarina-chan!Well that's amazing, I'll be going as Sakura Haruno of Naruto shippuuden.Yes I am studying and why the hell are we talking english? XDWell I see you arround then.. xD PHOTO'S!!!Well i am so tired today I walked so much and arranged things for my school.

Well how was your day? btw do you got msn?<3 Stephanie

TohnoShiki Aug 19, 2009


lol, i know what you mean about slow anime, its like torture! I haven't seen Aoi Hana so i cant compare it, but Maria-sama ga Miteru I think you will like.

Its about a girl, Yuki, who starts at a prestigious catholic girls school. In the school, they have a system there of older students taking care of the new students by becomeing their 'onee-sama' (older sister), and Yuki really wants to have one of the most popular girls in the school become her onee-sama, Sachiko.

Sachiko is a second year on the student council and the series is kind of both their stories as they become closer to each other. There are also other characters with their own onee-samas who have their own problems aswell.

It's not a fast anime, but i don't think it is boringly slow. Enough happens and the characters develop at a quick enough pace that is is easy to fall for them like in Strawberry Panic. The only thing is that it gets quite addictive, lol.

(also the way the student council works is a bit complicated when you first start watching but soon becomes part and parcel of watching it)

hope that helps, seen any anime that is like SP that I might like?

bubbaloolu Aug 19, 2009

thx so much for responding! ur advice rly was helpful too! i am so glad theres often more to a series in manga!!! yay! that part of the reasons y i didnt give some anime a rly good rating simply because i didnt like the way it ended!! awesome!

anyhoo im actually glad to have anyone to talk to at all, not that you need converse with me but... i guess this would b an invitation to if ud like. anyhoo i just like to talk to ppl i have common intrests with to learn mor about my intrests themselves. idk lol

TohnoShiki Aug 19, 2009

yeah thatwould be great to have.

although if you liked Strawberry Panic then another one which is fantastic is Maria-sama ga Miteru. Its also in set in a girls school and has a younger main character that looks up to the star of the school. If you liked SP then definitely give that one a go too.  : )