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BrokenAngelx Sep 30, 2009

Heey catarina,

desculpa da minha reaction.. atrasada xDEu nao tive internet este dias, eu vou sabado normal e domingo vou de cosplay.Porque sabado vou com uma amiga que ainda nao esta muito conhesida nisto etc. xDEntao eu ja sei os bilhetes e assim como estas?

bubbaloolu Sep 28, 2009

pretty good. havent talked 2 u in a little just seeing what uve been up to! watched nething particularly good lately?!

bubbaloolu Sep 20, 2009

hallo!!! how r u?

TohnoShiki Sep 18, 2009

Hey, I read it and liked it a lot. It was cool, i don't really read manga that much but am glad that you introduced me to, maybe i will read more now.

n00bl3t Sep 15, 2009


I just recognised where your avatar was from.

Good collection.