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Mikasa Ackermann is a well written character.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Iwreckyou Sep 28, 2021

No thats not what I meant. I was just pointing out how u called her an idiot but then proceeded to misspell something right after. Which I found amusing, so I comented on ur profile. Meant no harm

Iwreckyou Sep 27, 2021

"this chick is an idiot on a wole different level than most regular idiots, even her AP pic is idiotic" you called her an idiot but then proceeded to misspell whole. Not hating just pointing something out

Ebinokurisu Aug 25, 2021

Idk about talent lol, I even have a disadvantage because of certain mental disorders I have, but to learn any language you just really have to listen and read. And I'm still at a shit lvl, I'm gonna update you when I can finally troll on jp forums. 

Ebinokurisu Aug 25, 2021

I can access MAL, even if my account is already permabanned, I even made another account, to reply to some people. Anyways if want to do something fun in the forums, you can protest my permaban, by adding #Free2shizukasensei88 after every forum post or something, doubt that will actually work, but that will definitely tilt the mods lol. 

Ebinokurisu Aug 25, 2021

Late reply, I have been mostly studying Japanese throughout the whole year, so I can transition to JP forums, because the other forums is actually worse than MAL, and my killer ban was an Oregairu thread about some new novel after vol.14, and I made a collage of messages I got from fanbois, and got banned.