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First off, let me just say that I loved this movie to pieces. Naruto and his father get some bonding time? Heck, yes! It really makes me wish this movie was canon, because this movie just drove home to me how sad it is that Naruto never got to know his dad.

I thought the music was quite beautiful as well, especially the song sung throughout, and the ending song.

This review feels like it's all over the place, but that's how I feel about the movie. I enjoyed it a ton, but it also has its flaws--one of those being a MAJOR plot hole. Before we get to the spoilery stuff, let me just say it was nice to see the past and I liked all of the characters introduced in this movie, but it also could be a little slow/repetitive at times (okay, VERY repetitive with the fighting). Still, it's definitely one of the better Naruto movies.


Okay, first let's tackle the major plot hole. So, the villain is able to go back in time with a power that was sealed. But in the past, the power is sealed because of him. In other words, if the power had never been sealed, the city would have prospered under the original ruler and the events of the movie wouldn't have happened. Sure, somebody else could have showed up and schemed to get the power, but then we would have a completely different movie. As the movie stands now, there is no event to get the ball rolling with the plot, and so really the events of this movie should not have happened.

Next, Kakashi. He seemed to be in the movie for no reason at all except for Naruto to meet him at the end. I don't felt like he contributed much to the mission, and he only got about five minutes of screen time.

Then there was Naruto near the end, when he was telling the 4th Hokage that he was completely out of chakra. I know Naruto is trying to rely less on the fox and whatnot, but... it seemed like he didn't use the fox's chakra just so he and his dad could do a cool move together.

This is a smaller nitpick, but when Saara decided to make her stand where she cut her clothes to pieces... That seemed really random and pointless. Why exactly did she cut her clothes up? I could understand if it was for better movement, but no reason was given, other than just shock value as it looks like she is stabbing herself.

To switch to something a little more positive, I love that moment at the end with Naruto and Minato, where they both kind of realize they might be father and son. It was so precious and I was sad they had to forget... I know this movie isn't canon and that's why, but I really wanted Naruto to remember that time with his father.

I loved that little glimpse at Konoha, and seeing all these characters we know going about their daily routines and growing into the characters and town we know in Naruto's time.

So, overall, while this movie definitely has its problems, there's so much I love about it that I just can't hate it.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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