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Vinland Saga

Mar 15, 2017

Ratings for the FIRST ARC Story: 9, Characters: 8, Overall: 9

TL:DR First arc was amazing, second was so bad I dropped it. If you were reading this manga for the action and/or violence. You won't make it through the second arc, skip it or drop it.

I feel pretty torn about this one. The first arc was really interesting and I liked it a lot, would totally recommend it. It was full of action and combat. Reminded me of berserk but with vikings. It's pretty violent which fits the setting. There isn't much character development for Thorfinn but you learn a lot about Askeladd who is pretty awesome. A lot of the support cast are pretty unique too. Thorkell is a cool way to show a physically overpowering enemy and Canute starts off being pretty bland but grows rapidly into a form of a bad ass. I liked how even when he's introduced as this weak useless person it isn't so shoved down your face that you hate them. it also doesn't last all that long. 

The second arc is what people call the farming saga. It's also where you should either stop reading or skip to the third arc. SEMI SPOILERS AHEAD

It's so bad I had to drop it after being literally in love with the first arc. It's incredibly slow to the point of tears. It's very little action if at all. It completely changes the setting from constantly being in random battles or showing the main characters during a war to just farming. Thorfinn gets lots of character development to go from a mindless killing machine into a little bitch boy who doesn't wanna harm anyone anymore. It introduces one or two cool characters who fill their roles and a bunch of bad characters I could honestly care less about. I find it annoying when people put someone in the role of a slave just so they can never act like a slave and still behave like they are equal to non-slaves while spouting philosophical nonsense and talk about how can we stop slavery and war. You can't, the story is about vikings, it's literally what they did. I could probably write a ten page about how boring this arc was to read. If the new mentality of not going to hurt anyone and live a peaceful life is the new motto I'm out. I gave it a chance, I read something like 30 chapters deep into it.

1/10 story
9.5/10 art
3.5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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RavenousGopher Feb 6, 2021

In my opinion, the farming saga is objectivley good from an artistic stand point, however it's just so fucking boring. Despite it doing what it want to do well, what it wants to do is not entertaining. It's very subjective, as those who liked the combat and brutality of the first half will probably just drop off, but there's alot of people who really like this ark despite this because they view it as good for character development and shit.

Kraken76 Dec 6, 2020

what are you on about? the only "slow" part was volume 5, and it didn't even bother me. just because it doesn't have any action doesn't mean it's bad.

coldspaghetti Oct 19, 2020

Whenever I saw Thorfinn in the Ketil Farm arc again I was shocked and kinda annoyed like you were, what happened to the moody, violent, and rage filled Thorfinn? He turned into a clump of passiveness and depression. He could have easily gotten out of slavery but why was he still there? Probably because of Askeladd’s death, I bet it took a bit of toll on him. I mean his sole purpose was to kill Askeladd and once he died Thorfinn’s purpose was taken away from him. All those battles he fought, all those people he killed, and all that trauma he accumulated was for nothing. Honestly his state was what his father’s worst fear was. A lot of people have been saying the Ketil Farm arc is useless and boring but I would have to strongly disagree. It may be “boring” in some people's eyes (not in mine) but it isn’t useless. I feel like this is a good chance for important character development for Thorfinn and it gives us insight into his interactions with people in an environment that isn’t cut throat. Essentially it let’s us see the post-trauma Thorfinn.  It also gives the reader a breather from all the fights, killings, and stress (even though I did indeed miss it, I could recognize the importance of this arc). It also gives us room to digest things slower and is ideal for inviting new characters to make an impact on the story and Thorfinn himself. Einar and the Great Master play an essential role in Thorfinn’s metamorphosis from a warrior to a pacifist and realizing what truly needs to do to honor his father finally and redeem himself as a person. I do agree with you on the abruptness of the change of pace it went from action fast moving battles to a slow sort of everyday interactions and how it affeects Thorfinn and his way into finding his redemption plan. Even though it was slow I could still enjoy seeing this wonderful character development and seeing Thorfinn realize his revenge was destructive and how his father tried to show him how bad that mindset of violence, vegance, and war was. 

zavox Aug 13, 2020

Agree with you 100% he just becomes such a bitch. this character that was so build-up to be a killing machine just out of nowhere becomes a pacifist and its so slow. I can see why the anime did not get a season 2