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Lucky Striker

May 30, 2022

Another absolute classic banger of a VR game setting written by someone that has never played an mmo or maybe even any video game before but it's popular and he wants to cash in. We are once again in a game world that sounds absolutely horridly unfun to play. Everything related to the game sounds super unbalanced, p2w, and makes zero sense why it would ever be popular. Like outside whales and people trying to sell items for money, why else would anyone play this game? That's already ignoring why such a bad game would ever have such ungodly expensive items for dogwater quality in the first place. The world building is bad and inconsistent at best. Every chapter I read broke the world building/setting more and more while also making the mc feel even dumber. Reading this caused me physical pain.

The mc is beyond stupid and inconsistent. He sells a ring for 38k real world money with +1 strength, loses his mind. Gets a full set of gear that averages +4 strength a piece and doesn't even react. He nearly sh*ts his pants when he is the first to get a rare item that gives 18 levels of stats. Reasonable. But after getting the above 4 piece set of gear thats only magic (uncommon) rank that gives 31 levels of stats and is just like oh hey thanks. Stats are stats dude, maybe react appropriately? Like that just nearly doubled your stats, be happy. He also joined a party without asking what the party was for or about the quest or anything. Who behaves like that? He gets surprised why people would be looking for him after being part of a 120 person raid with a famous guild leading it and being the top damage dealer and top healer. His response is to leave the biggest city for another. Yea, those people looking for you on forums in the real world only exist in that city don't worry mc. Than he leaves without a map, genius. He finds a giant door looking rock in a hill, touched a spot on the ground in front of the rock, the door opened. Yea 50 million people play this game actively and no one found something that glaringly obvious just outside the biggest city in the game. This is even ignoring that he is just lucky for the sake of it, with no explaination of how or why. It's just plot armor the game, staring our boy Mose(the mc) whose biggest selling point is that he replaced his brain with a bowl of lukewarm soup.

On a positive note, the art is pretty nice. Not win any awards or make wallpapers out of nice, but most would say it is above average.

2/10 story
7/10 art
4/10 characters
3/10 overall

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