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Lo and behold, the story of Shadow Mistress Yuuko, better known as Shamiko, an ordinary 15 year old girl who wakes up one morning with horns and a tail, to learn that she’s a demoness, that her family has been for centuries the object of a curse that forbids them to get out of dirt poor poverty, and that in order to break the curse, she must bathe her demonic idol-thingy in the blood of a magical girl.

Problem is, Shamiko is way too wholesome to actually do any evil. Also problem, the only magical girl available goes to the same school as her and is an absolute powerhouse. So in order to help Shamiko out of poverty, the magical girl will train her so that she becomes powerful enough to vanquish her. But then again, why would Shamiko want to kill her friend, huh?!

The animation is super bright and colorful, and also suuuuper fast paced. Not gonna lie, the last episodes of season 2 haven’t been subbed in French, so I had to watch them with English subs, and at times, I couldn’t manage to read the whole sentences quick enough… You’re in for a shot of dopamine, and you won’t be coming down from it any time soon.

Besides the obvious cute JKs being cute part (I mean, the magical girls’ names mean Peach, Orange and Cherry, can it really get any cuter than that?), there is an actual story, what with the whole Clan of Light seemingly not being as goodie two shoes as one might think. And all characters have interesting personalities, and even growth with time, within the bounds of what the genre allows.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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