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Abdslam May 31, 2015

Hello there .. You got a really interesting list of anime and Manga .. I had to look up a few titles tho like Kuragehime, Eyeshield 21, Senyuu, Orange (this manga seems really interesting), Kimi Ni Todoke, Nana

Abdslam May 25, 2015

Ah Yes I am :D .. I luv it .. it sure not  a mainstream anime .. what r ur top anime and manga

Abdslam May 22, 2015

Hi, I saw some of ur artworks, so nice ^__^ hope u do well in ur exams

WonderBoom May 18, 2015

Oh uh... I forgot, protagonist material? :D

Actually, I'd probably either be the cool side character or a cool main character, not because it fits me, but because if I was self-aware-- I would just be the cool guy, no need for reasons.

I kind of know what you're talking about but I forgot my uh, yeah haha.

WonderBoom May 16, 2015