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Nillen Jun 4, 2015

Fair enough. I know a lot of ppl who do that as it's annoying to have to wait a week for each episode. I have no doubt that it's a good show, I've been wanting to see it for a long time :D - If you want another good sports anime that's fairly long, I can recommend Ace of Diamond. It's really good too! =)

Good luck on your exams! They might already be over since I'm such a slowpoke, but in that case I hope it went well. I just finished 2 tests today as well. One in programming and another in information & communication. Now I only have Chemistry left to do. Let's pray I can get an E at least :)

Nillen Jun 2, 2015

Aside from the fact that I just took a test (Chemistry) that I know pracitcally nothing about, and have to finish the course in a week, I'm all good! :) 

I'm at school downloading some Kuroko no Basuke episodes right now as the internet is faster here, (Shh, don't tell anyone xD) so that definitely brings my mood back up :P

How about you? 

Abdslam Jun 1, 2015

Thanks for the details :) .. I'll read Orange Manga when m done with Ao Haru Ride 

Nillen Jun 1, 2015

Thanks for the follow :)

I'm glad to see that you liked "Nana", I have it downloaded and plan to watch it later =)

AcciesLad Jun 1, 2015


Thanks for the follow ^^

How are you doing?