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Nillen Jun 9, 2015

We'll see how it goes for me, if it goes well, I might consider applying for a work visa there after my first year and staying until I can get permanent residence there. Depends on how I like it and how well I can adapt though :)

Haha, I think it resembles SAO a lot, especially Kirito - Bell. The fact that they're surrounded by women, are overpowered as shit and have the same seiyuu (voice actor) doesn't make it easier either xD

Nillen Jun 8, 2015

Oh, that's really cool! I know a norwegian guy who does just that :)

I took a 2½ years of Electricity to become an electrician, but I dropped out cause I didn't feel like it was anything for me. Now I'm studying so I have enough points to get into uni. I'm planning on taking Japanese in uni next year, and once my surgeries are done I'm moving to Japan for a year to take Japanese there :)

I like DanMachi, it's a really cuddly and fun anime :D 

Nillen Jun 6, 2015

It's a great anime. Nice tense moments with lots and lots of good comedy to follow :) Your friend was right to recommend it =)

Any specific subject you're taking?

Abdslam Jun 5, 2015

I will .. I actually finished reading Ao Haru Ride .. so I'll be glad to read smth similar .. thank u :)

UsagiDandere Jun 5, 2015

I found your profile off of Nillen's, and I just wanted to thank you! I randomly saw that you liked Konoha, who I just happened to be searching for. I saw his face somewhere, but I never found out who he was xD Thanks again, I love a good coincidence ^.^