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WonderBoom Aug 27, 2015

We'll see about it today! :P

WonderBoom Aug 27, 2015

Hahaha that's what a INFJ would say. Maybe. 

Well then, my request is everyone on my list of liked characters :P You asked for something hahaha.

WonderBoom Aug 27, 2015

Well the last test i took was the one you tried to link to haha.

And well, you did tell me last time you were an ENFJ :P, do you confuse yourself too? hahaha

And ooh, that's super interesting, I'll check it out, although I would probably just look for characters I know and learn about other characters myself :P But yeah, I'll see it, maybe I'll log in and follow you :P

WonderBoom Aug 26, 2015

Well hi! Sorry for the super late reply haha, but yeah about that personality test, well apparently funnily enough I JUST did that test today in class haha, in another language, however I got a result that I kind of agreed with but kind of not because I didn't FEEL as the title asked enough about that to get to that conclusion (commander) (I guess I have traits but at the same time I don't like calling myself that haha), maybe, I also go no time to read the result haha.

I just redid it because I was planning to, and there was more reason too because you even were asking for it. Aaaand I got INFJ, I don't really know what to think about my results and them being different. The first one may have been affected by the fact that I was answering kind of publicly and my honor was at stake :P Between F and T I think I'm a middleground though haha.

But yeah, so I guess I'm a rare breed of INFJ for now, I guess I'm the cool side-main character.

Abdslam Jun 21, 2015

Hey there .. Hope you are doing great ^_^