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Mar 25, 2016

What I Liked: The tense atmosphere. The various film motifs added a nice visual touch to the series. Satoru's mum. The interpersonal relationships in the show. The utterly perfect soundtrack. Shinnosuke Mitsushima was brilliant as the despondent Satoru. Cinematography was top-notch. Great Opening Theme. The strong, well-paced first half. The animation is marvellous, with simple character animation and some beautiful stand-out moments.

What I Didn't: The pacing becomes rushed in the second half. Yashiro, for being so flatly characterised. Some dramatic moments felt overly melodramatic. Depending on one's take on Episode 10, the show trips over itself in the mystery department. Simple but lacklustre ending. Some side characters lack depth and/or interest. The Ending Theme's animation feels completely out-of-place, as if it's reusing material from another show. Red eyes for the villian? Really?!

Final Verdict: Visually marvelous and with some of the best cinematography this side of Hollywood, ERASED starts off strong with a gripping time-travel premise and unnerving atmosphere. Unfortunately, it's not as good as it could have been, as the pacing and the side characters suffer as the series progresses . Still, it's a worthwhile watch if you like a bit of crime mystery with your time-travel.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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SukiAyame2 May 24, 2016

To be honest, I agree with you in two things:

- I though it was rather silly that he could not go back in time before the car incident since he lost 15 years of his life yet it was ok to go like 5 times back in time to save everyone else. 

- I though they could have worked Yashiro's character a little better. Explain the motive and why he felt compelled to killing kids. Also, the whole "you are the only one who knows the real me" sounds a lazy excuse for the lead to survive.  Why would he spare Satoru for so long? There had to be a bigger reason.

What I don't agree:

- I actually though there was no pedophelia. That is reading too much into things. The idea of the anime was that when Sotaru came back in time he would think, act and be a kid. Think about it. He adjusts so easily to elementary school life and he manages to communicate with the others in ways a grown up wouldn't.

- I think it makes sense that the killer would murder his mother and make an attempt on Airi's life after they figured out he was the murder. It's all for the sake of suspense and also...the killer would not want to be found out, right?

The ending:

I agree. It was rushed, but I felt like Airi meeting him on the bridge made sense. 

Sylfa May 22, 2016

When i saw your  negative review i just  thought "what he  want from this super anime"...

What  made  me go to see your review? "This piece of shit that the anime community considered better than Legend of the Galactic Heroes was plain offensive on so many levels and I am here to tell you why. "

I've said  to myself "someone who say something so profound about Legend of Galactic Heroes must  be  someone worth checking :)

I must  say that i liked show very much. I think that most ppl who watch  anime love  to suck those emotions and thats why  we are  watching anime. Im not  different but i like also good story. You must  forgive  ppl for liking this  cuz there are  so many bad animes  that every decent anime is instantly proclaimed great...