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Anthropomorphs Tag

These {type} feature humanised versions of a variety of normally non-human things, such as natural phenomena, technological devices, places, and even whole nations or planets. Not to be confused with Tsukumogami, a type of...

Bottom-of-the-Barrel Least Favourite Anime

These are shows I've slammed for whatever reason - usually because everything's wrong with them and I'm a crotchety old wench. Consider yourself warned. In descending order.

Cinema Manga

These {type} focus on people appreciating the wonder that is the silver screen. Whether it's about amateurs making their own home movies, cinephiles watching their favourite film for the 40th time, or the passionate workers of a...

Comic Essays Manga (Outdated)

These manga draw on the author's life experiences, much like an autobiography, in order to discuss lifestyle topics such as travel, cuisine, child-raising and mental health.

Favourite Anime of All Time

I've ordered these by rating and the approximate date that I watched / finished them. I've judged these based on their re-watchability (e.g. would I watch it again and again?), whether I'd recommend it to others, how much of a...