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Iko May 10, 2014

Or at least, whatever psycho pass' message was, it didn't shock you at all, to further the thoughts on that topic.

Iko May 10, 2014

Nah, it's just you didn't comment anything about psyho pass' message, whereas it is very important in my opinion, for today's world, where we stand at the verge of developing a civilization showed in psycho pass.

If we don't understand anything from these, we won't even recognize, that such pieces of art (like Psycho pass) serve as a warning of what may come for humanity.

Even though this has been said many times in many other pieces of art, or even anime, it doesn't 'loses its value' and IMO should be discussed everytime it pops up.

koir Feb 1, 2014

Thanks for the reply! I'll start watching it after I finish my current anime :D

koir Jan 31, 2014

Hey, I noticed that you watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and I wanted to ask you whether is there any references to rape because I'm really sensitive to those kind of stuff. By 'references to rape',I mean like was anyone forced into non-consensual sex those kind of stuff cause like said,I'm really sensitive to rapes and I hate them.

Thank You for your time :D

LizardLaw974 Aug 25, 2013

That's okay! ^^ That's good!

Thank you >w<