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ZKMsphere Feb 1, 2014

Thanks for the reply! I'll start watching it after I finish my current anime :D

ZKMsphere Jan 31, 2014

Hey, I noticed that you watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and I wanted to ask you whether is there any references to rape because I'm really sensitive to those kind of stuff. By 'references to rape',I mean like was anyone forced into non-consensual sex those kind of stuff cause like said,I'm really sensitive to rapes and I hate them.

Thank You for your time :D

LizardLaw974 Aug 25, 2013

That's okay! ^^ That's good!

Thank you >w<

LizardLaw974 Jul 8, 2013

Hey there! Hows it going?

Hope its okay I'm messaing you like this ^^;

Taek Jun 5, 2013

Oh god, your comments section is so sparse!

Lets fix that.

I see you're 3 eps into JoJo! As it's pretty much the best shounen I've probably ever seen, I'd be interested to see what you think about it when you're a bit further in ^_^