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Celeriac Jan 17, 2018

I see you've now started using five star ratings! Awesome! :)

Thanks for showing me to your list. Many good animes to watch later. In fact, you inspired me to make a similar one:

I think you're pretty cool. :P

Celeriac Dec 16, 2017

Nice of you to follow me back!

I followed you because you seem to have a reasonable, sober and generally good taste (i.e. somewhat similar to mine), and that makes me excited about waitlisting your high-rated animus. :)

I think you should put the full 5 stars rating to good use! There's never going to be a perfect anime, but surely there must be 90% perfect and up. ;)

fikshen Mar 29, 2017

I liked your review on Hi-sCOOL Seha Girls. I , too, tend to like more "short and sweet" reviews that hit the main highlights and are informative without giving away too much. Someone people go way overbard with reviews... haha.


Ho ho ho

Kids on the Slope is one of my favourites and it was really nice hearing the updates of you enjoying it so thank you! ^_^ The moment the trumpets come in in the OP still hasn't gotten old for me.

RickGrimes Dec 24, 2016

Wish you Merry Christmas!!