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AnnaSartin Jan 11, 2022

I've featured a bunch of your custom lists, including the ones you requested in the forum. You've got a lot of interesting lists! <3 Sorry it took so long, hope to see you on the site again soon!

Grizz Jun 19, 2021

I miss you, go check the forum.

sothis Jun 1, 2021

Heya, just in case you didn't see the notification you have a forum PM :) totally ok if you had seen it and just didn't want to reply, no pressure!

Xairyan Mar 26, 2021

Hi 😊 thank you for the mature in depth reply to my comment, honestly I wasn't expecting a reply and I apologise if anything I wrote came of as harsh. It's just I so happened to write my own review (please check it out if u would like to see why I rated it so highly, but please bare in mind it is my first ever review, so don't judge to harshly thank you lol) and I decided to look at some of the negative reviews yours however I will say was on the slightly more positive side, but I responded to a few. And a theme that I noticed in the negative reviews was everyone except maybe one mentioned the comedy as a major downfall of this anime.

This confused me, and I will admit angered me also, so I decided to try clear somethings up to defend what for me is one of my all time favourite anime, and I don't say this lightly because I had a hard time finishing it (because I knew of the sadness that awaited me and I didn't want to get depressed any more than I already am. Two days after finally bringing myself to watch it and I was still down, I felt so empty) despite knowing the ending before I reached it myself, it had a profound effect on me one that no anime or any other entertainment media has had before. I honestly think I cried every episode and I don't mind admitting it (never really cried at anything else except some Naruto deaths maybe and when I say cried at these it was mainly teary eyes not full on crying uncontrably like I did with Plastic Memories, and I honestly don't know why it had this much of an effect on me I feel terminal ilnesses and limited times before the end are things that are overwhelmingly sad to me. Note maybe the memories fading might not be considered terminal illness but nevertheless the finality of it is similar).

And this is why I felt passionate about defending this anime. Although some websites have indeed labelled it as a comedy, this is something that I strongly disagree with, a lot of anime even when they are not labelled as comedy do try to add some humour throughout, this is something I have observed over my many years of watching, I never understood it before, perhaps it's the writers way of trying to light be hearted even when it's a heavy subject. But nevertheless right from the get go I felt the emptiness, the loneliness the overwhelming sadness from the moment I saw Isla (the elevator scene) and the attempt to lighten the mood if I remember correctly came from Tsukasa himself when he was trying to get Isla to engage with him and come out of her shell (this is something I have seen in real life on many occasions, someone is sad and really down and someone else try to cheer them up generally by try to make them laugh although I personally don't think he was trying to make her laugh) although maybe this was not intended in this way and it was simply Tsukasa trying to engage with her and the writers used these scenes to add a little humour.

Other than those scenes I can't really recall many other moments like it, perhaps maybe the well endowed blonde character was an attempt at that but personally I didn't much care for it, she herself even had a sad story as well. The point I'm getting at is I don't mind that people didn't enjoy it and maybe for some the world and lore wasn't as fleshed out as many had hoped but those things don't particularly matter to me. There was a rumour so to speak that if included in the lore would have made things very interesting and perhaps added to the lore more, and that rumour was the creator of the giftia lost his daughter when she was 9yrs old and this is the reason the giftia only last for 9yrs, this would have I believe added a new dynamic but at the same time would have perhaps ruined the sadness of the ending as this could have led to Tsukasa getting the creator of the giftia to remove this limitation. (a little info if u were unaware, there is actually a ps vita game that has an alternate ending that is interesting, though it never got released outside of Japan) while I would have loved there to have been a way to save Isla the emotional impact would not have been so strong.

Sorry for the long reply I am writing this at 5 am after having just 3hrs sleep forgive me if it makes no sense at all and excuse the typos. Thanks again for the reply hope u continue to review anime just please don't be too harsh lol. Peace. 

osaka Feb 15, 2021

and i didn't mentioned kiznaiver - but it is now one of my ultimate favourites! I watched it few days ago and my soul still hurts after watching it :<