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I enjoyed the heck out of this story because the mc was the definition of badass. He ain't a putz that's afraid of the consequence at all. If you offend him you die, if you touch one of his people he will get his revenge sooner or later. Even if it is months or years after he will completely destroy everything. In that sense it is satisfying. Aside for that there were practically no annoying side characters because of MC's personality. He's a loner and put people into their place. If someone annoys him he will tell them. He won't even try to accomodate them. Also he didn't act like an idiot teenager that blushes every time he sees a girl. BUT because there is a big BUT. The author used the "subverting expectations" thing to another level. I wanted to drop the story in the span of like 20-30 chapters. It's that one arc that ruined it all. Because the author decided that it was the time to reveal everything. And just like peeling an onion you had a big reveal every 3-5 chapters and the more reveal there was the dumber it got. It became so ridiculous I had to stop myself from reading for a while if not I'd have certainly broke my laptop due to the frustation I had. This is like seeing a jade that looks like a diamond but with time it starts to turn into a normal rock. It's really annoying because i've been invested in this story for nearly 2 weeks now and having to drop it frustrates me but I can't continue rading this shit.

1/10 story
?/10 art
3/10 characters
2/10 overall
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