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Sigh... Here we go again.

It's really hard for us, hardcore isekai fans to defend the genre when shows like this get an adaptation. It would hurt nobody if it stayed in the abyss of mangaland with its fanbase but they had to bring it to animeland. As a manga reader I can tell you this show is bad and it doesn't get better. It's like a different version of Kenja no Majo.

The premise as usual with those stories is interesting. You have an mc that gets isekai'd in a medieval fantasyland but with a twist. He enters the body of the 5 years old child of a lowly noble family somewhere in the countryside. From this point you have 2 options. The generic one or the creative one. I'm sure you know by now which one they chose.

For the sake of it let's imagine the creative scenario. MC retained all his memories of the past and is now in this forsaken place. He then slowly starts to learn more about the world, cultures, and trade. Since he's a salary man he could even create a trading companies or manage his estate to make it prosper. Either way we would see a good worldbuilding with a somewhat op mc but just because he's smarter. He would win with with guts and intellect and you can even give him some magic.


The lazy way which the author chose : Make mc super OP at birth and have some dude wander in a forest close by and make that dude somehow sense the mc's power and make him teach the mc all his magic because reasons. Then kill off that characters and make the mc cry with some sad music to create fake empathy. Oh and let's the MC remember how to make wasabi from his previous life and for the rest of the time let him act like a brat because why not. This story shouldn't even be an isekai, at least it wouldn't be added to the long list trash isekai out there. He is just isekai for the sake of it. I'm 100% sure the author made him an isekai character just because it's trendy. What's the point of being an Isekai mc if it doesn't serve any purpose at all?

The sound in horrendous. What's with this voice acting and weird sound effects? Everything sounds so cheap and generic. It even felt like the sound was off sometimes it was irritating.

All the characters without exception are boring. I usually like emotionless mcs but this one has just a punchable face. Did I mention that he didn't even have any goal at all? Like how you would look for ways to go back or at least try to understand how you arrive in that world since he wasn't summoned. But that's just brushed off by the author.

I feel like this is a big middle finger to us. They are saying "here your isekai story. Look the mc is super powerful you like that don't you? And look how everyone admires him, don't you wanna be like him? Check out all these chicks around him, see how cool and amazing he is". I'm seriously annoyed because I really love isekai man but that's just too much. I had to let it out.

And this f*$ù/ur doesn't have ANY will of his own. None whatsoever. It's infuriating.

If you want to read good isekai, check out the manwha/manhua, they are at least somewhat better than this.

I'm out.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Kanupikus May 11, 2020

Review 10/10 just hits the spot, can't even add anything else.