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Hello random person:)

Image result for anime hello smiling gifs Before we start, please make sure to check out my sister's acct


Here are some of my favorite songs you could listen to while you read my bio

(you're not about to read all of this... I know)




XD so many songs

If you ever need some song recommendations, just leave me a comment and I'll give you some :)

I'm not about to make this a really long bio for people who are like me and lose interest after reading like 3 words:). I'm CandyBel, but you can call me Candy if you want. I don't know how I got that name. I guess it's one of those things that you just think about. I guess. Idk. So I'm a 14 y/o from hot hot hot Nigeria. But I currently live in the US. Besides anime, I love music. Especially KPop, if you hadn't guessed from all the song options. I started listening to it sometime in 2018 idk what month though. So if you have any KPop recommendations, I'll be more than happy to listen. I also love computer programming.

Image result for Computer programming

My first anime was Pokemon from when I was like 7 I guess. After that, I watched animes like Doraemon. When I watched them I didn't know they were anime. I didn't even know what anime was. I started watching anime again in like October of 2017. My 12-year-old self was with my friends and they were talking about FairyTail. Of course, I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. So I decided to watch it and since then I've gotten stuck in the dark dark hole called anime. I'll tell you when I find a way out. Here are some of my favorite anime.

Favorite Anime- Attack on Titan

Image result for attack on titan anime fighting gifs

I mean, don't you see the beautifulness :P

When it comes to anime, I feel like I could enjoy every genre. Except for Hentai cuz like...yea. I'll basically enjoy anything that has good characters and/or plot. Some of my favorite anime genres are Psychological, Horror, Romance, Action, and Comedy.

If you don't know the names of the anime, you can click their pictures.

Here are some of my other favorites in no particular order

NoragamiRelated image Tokyo GhoulImage result for tokyo ghoul fights gifs One PieceImage result for one piece gifs    

Fairy TailImage result for fairy tail gifs One Punch Man BleachImage result for bleach gifs                

Favorite Op Song- Unravel


Although that is my favorite op, there are more that I didn't want to leave out

Noragami Arargoto- Hey Kids!  Attack on Titan- All Openings Lmao  

Fullmetal Alchemist- Again  Fairy Tail- Believe In Myself 

One Punch Man- The Hero!

As well as watching anime, I also read a lot of manga, manhwa, light novels... pretty much whatever has a good plot and good characters. To be honest, I read manhwas more than I read mangas.

Favorite Manga/Manhwa- Bastard



Some of my other favorite mangas/manhwas are:

Orange MarmaladeImage result for orange marmalade manga Days of HanaImage result for days of hana manga cover Dead DaysImage result for dead days manga 

LookismImage result for lookism manga cover I Love YooImage result for I love yoo

Oh, and I almost forgot:

I'm a greeter in WECO :D

I still greet on the website for fun though. :)

If you are interested in joining, you can ask FullmetalDragonRntt89 or ichigodaisuki ;D Their names are linked so you could just click a name and it'll take you straight to their profile


If you want, feel free to leave a comment for a recommendation or just to talk. I like talking to new people. Well not really but still..:P But if you do end up leaving a comment, I usually reply once I see a comment.

So if I think about any other things I'll put them here. Hope to see ya around. Bye for now.

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Painito Jan 18, 2020

When there's anime mood is alwats good

Im currently watching 

One Piece

Black Clover

Boku no Hero Academia

Nanatsu no Taizai

What have you been watching?

zerothehero Nov 18, 2019

XD. I hate English and my science class right now is meh. The main reason why I even like History is that it's the easiest out of the four core subjects lel.

I didn't dress up like anything lol. I just walked around with my siblings and then took some of the candy they got :]  My favorite type of candy is chocolate! More specifically chocolate bars with the exception of dark chocolate, bleeh. I'm not a big fan of hard candies lol.

For rappers, Logic and Bazzi(?) are my other favorites. You should go check them out!

As for Kpop... What are your favs?

Groups: BTS, Twice, Red Velvet, and Seventeen           Solists: Henry, Eric Nam, Zico, and IU 

I only listen to a variety of American artists because of the radio lol.

zerothehero Nov 10, 2019

lol, good luck!!

Math is definitely not my favorite subject. I used to love it in elementary school and early middle school but now... In Math Club, we actually just solve logic puzzles and play board games. It's also like a tutoring session for those who need help with their math classes. History is actually my favorite subject! What is yours? :0

I like playing basketball casually. I did go trick-or-treating. I like to think I'm a little bit too old to do it but my parents make me go with my siblings. It's free candy though so I'm not gonna complain XD. What's your favorite candy?

I mean I've only read one Shakespeare play. It wasn't as bad and boring as people made it out to be. We did read the modern text version though, where we could actually understand what the hell he wrote lol. We'll read Romeo & Juliet in the spring so I'll see how that goes >.o

My top American singers are: Charlie Puth, Camilla Cabello/Billie Eilish, and Maroon 5/Imagine Dragons
Top rapers: NF, Post Malone, and Cardi B

It's hard for me to pick my favorite American singers since I listen to a lot but those are basically my tops xD. What are your top fives?

lmaooo. You didn't have to expose and @ yourself like that Candy! lolol. Relating to a song is nice but not required for you in order to enjoy a song. And no worries you still have over 50 years to find someone! :D

zerothehero Nov 1, 2019

XD, I understand. Happy 300 comments!! :D

School's pretty good actually. There's always room for improvement but I'm really digging it. I'm part of the Spanish Club, French Club, and Math Club! Half of the time I don't even show up to club meetings though lol. I might join my school's basketball team because my friends keep pestering me about joining but I'm not sure yet. The volleyball and badminton club sounds like a lot of fun :O  Did you go trick or treating yesterday?

lol! Joining the military is just one of my backup plans like if I'm really, really lost with what I want to do in life. I mean 99% of the time I am but- lmao.

Nah. Rather than a song recommendation, it was more of an assignment. The song is a tribute to Ophelia (a Shakespeare's Hamlet character) and we had to analyze the lyrics of that song and relate it back to the play. There was another song we had to listen to but I figured you'd like this one more xD.

Damn. The choreography and that chorus. and OMG I was going to ask about Woojin but you already mentioned something. Wonho left Monsta X too?? I also heard about Sulli. You're right, October is not a very good month for Kpop.

Switching it to a more positive note, SELENA GOMEZ CAME BACK1!!1!!

zerothehero Oct 29, 2019

Sorry for the late response!! I've visited the site a couple of times since your last comment but I kept procrastinating for replying :'(

And yeah, I can relate. I really need to fix the procrastinating habit of mine >_> I hope you did the essay, project, homework, and studied for that test you told me about XD. How have you been holding out at school?

The part about me joining the military or a trade school was half as a joke. I've recently had had opportunities to visit vocational/trade schools and I'm actually stuck deciding if I should do it or not. Their engineering program doesn't sound so bad. As for the military... it's very unlikely for me to join lol. If I did, I would probably join the Marine Corps.

Oh dang. That must suck, living an hour away from school. My school is pretty close by and I don't take that long to prepare so I don't gotta worry much about waking up early lol.

Awww. You still should've done track. You'll slowly build your stamina up and able to run at Sonic speed :D  I am doing track this year but it doesn't start until spring but I just finished my cross country season! Any other sports you're interested in at school? or clubs maybe?

Lol, it's fine! You have your preferences and honestly, I really dig the Feel Special concept more than their previous ones.

This song (dedicated to a whole goddess!) has been stuck in my head ever since one of my teachers showed it to me :p 

Reading back at everything I wrote.. damn, that's a hella lot compared to my previous replies e.e  Haven't talked to you in a while and I'm kinda hyped right now so- sorry for making you read so much outside of school :c