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Dragon Ball Super

Nov 8, 2015

I'll make this short and sweet. To sum it up its basically a slap in the face to any of the older fans, first off they made a new series and then based HALF of the sagas on the movies they released in the last 2-3 years. To be perfectly honest i find this to be nothing more than a cheap grab for money from akira toriyama as he rapes dragon ball z and turns it into some shitty hollow version of what it once was.

If you like dragon ball z i'd stay away from this like the plague.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Camhadqr May 21, 2017

@omegafire18 - course it is you moron did you even look at when it was posted? Real easy to chat shit with hindsight on your side. You know what i mean when i say its filler don't be cocky shit about it, they released 2 movies then based a third of the series on it, manga or no that is still totally not needed so any fan has a right to be pissed. Also you bring up kai, kai cuts loads of shit out of the show, yes filler but alot of power ups and such, which to be honest is what made Z alot of fun in the first place. Rather than releasing a new show then making the first 2 sagas on the movie along with loads of other shitty filler in super, so your point hardly stands strong.

Also while yes goku was the strongest in z all throughout you still see plenty of cases of someone other than goku showcasing thier power and actually helping, so you are totally wrong there. The finial show down is always gonna be 2 people going at it while everyone else watches, thats just how most fights throughtout all series went, did not mean anyone other than goku did not get a chance to shine which is what super does time and time again.

Again real easy to chat shit with nearly a year of hindsight on your side, the fights are quickers yes but thats not always a good thing, most of the fights in super are over before you really get a chance to enjoy them, being over in an episode or two is dull to me, like when vegito came back and was gone only a few minutes later, what a total bore. Yeh they cut down on filler but not much, we still see plenty of it in super, the first 2 sagas are filler and they pump loads out throughtout hell currently we are on filler waiting for the next arc to start.

Super is shit pure and simple, don't get me wrong i like seeing more of the z warriors but that does not mean the show is automatically good. It is filled with inconsistencies and flaws. It's like they wrote super without ever actually watching z, the power scaling makes no sense at all, thats ever more true as we go on and everyone is going toe to toe with super sayian blue goku, yes you don't want the character to be over powered but at the same time it's gotta make sense, super falls flat on that everytime. It's a good show if you don't care about dragon ball z and you wanna see a bastardised version of a once great show.

omegafire18 May 19, 2017

I honestly think your review is... flimsy, insofar as your reasonings OP.

You say half of the show is filler, basically meaning the movie retellings. That's only a quarter-right, as the retellings are stretched out compared to the actual movies, but otherwise they're entirely canon... plus filler refers to material that isn't based from the manga (which does not apply to this show, since it is anime-first - and even when the manga showed up, it's based off the anime rather than vice-versa). Disregarding that, you forget that half of DBZ was filler itself - comparing between the original and Kai, turns out 50% (perhaps more) was filler

^So that point falls flat, at best imo.

You say nearly every character from DBZ has become useless. Newsflash, that's been the case for many characters before Super began; the Buu Saga especially showed this, even when they had their moments, as the power gap just grew wider and wider, especially between Saiyan and human characters. It was also the case for the Saiyan, Frieza, and Cell arcs, and the only difference is 'when' exactly it boiled down to the strongest (usually Goku) vs the villain, with everyone else mostly restricted to being bystanders.

You're entitled to your opinion, but your stated reasons don't seem to hold up well, seemingly singling out Super without recognizing that those flaws already existed in the franchise. And as far as the fights, they aren't the same as they were in Z but that's not a bad thing, especially since the original just dragged things out (partially due to filler) - growing up with DBZ myself, that was always noticeable, and I'm glad they reduced it to manageable levels; it makes everything snappier, and manages to keep most of the coolness, if in a different manner.

Camhadqr Apr 17, 2016

Little slayer are you dumb? Of course i did research and what i saw was them taking the total piss out of dragon ball z just to make some quick money, ill put it this way to make it simple. You wait nearly 20 years for a sequel to one of your favourite shows, naturally you would be excited, then you watch what you have been waiting nearly 20 years for and now only is half of it filler RIGHT OFF THE BAT (so half the fucking show is already filler and thats how they decide to start it) its just a bland piss take of what you grew up with. You bring up research? I would of fucking loved it Akira Toryiyama did research on dragon ball z before he decided to write a new one, since he clearly did fuck all in the way of research since not even half way through the story and nearly every character from DBZ has become useless and why have they been made useless? Because of the bad wirting and lack of research on a show they were writing a sequel to!Mate just cause you are happy taking a bite out of a shit sandwich does not mean everyone else will.Also to Ghetto and VegetaFan bros i totally agree, the bullshit dragon ball super has pulled has made me miss GT

GhettoPilates Mar 25, 2016

I'd have to agree with you, having loosely followed the plot of the series through blogs and watching some of the fights on YouTube a week after they air.  The fighting is not nearly as impressive as what DBZ gave us over 20 years ago, and the recycled plot shows this for what it really is.  And hoonestly, if you consider that Resurrection F follows the same structure of Goku's first fight with Frieza, it's basically like a dog licked up his own vomit and then shat it out.Now for the real question, is it better than GT?

VegetaFan2210 Mar 14, 2016

couldn't agree more. This is a disgrace, absolute bullshit. I really don't see the point in it. They have the movie Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F why then would they have to go and turn it into a series. For all you Dragon Ball fans I would advise you to never ever watch this series. A serious disappointment. 😢😠😩😨