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Yoshiya Mar 5, 2011

You should, sometimes it helps to take a break and come back to it, that's what I did. I think it helped really, also I have to get him done by the end of the month before my friend's birthday...she asked for an Izaya drawing XD.

Sweet! I've been reading that too! ^^

Yoshiya Mar 4, 2011

Exactly! You just want to capture his sexyness but it's hard, I messed up a lot today when I tried...granted I should've been paying attention in class but this was more important! XD

Ohh! I need to finish that, I started it a long time ago when one of my friends let me borrow some of it. ^^;

Yoshiya Mar 3, 2011

No way! I bet your try was better than mine, his face was all...blahh! DX

And yes, yes I am! The last one I watched was Kirepapa.

Yoshiya Mar 1, 2011

Izaya truly is awesome, just wish I could draw him the right way I want him to look ^^;

Oh yeah, it's sweet, I probably would go with the same for my own.

Oh, and huzzah, you're a yaoi/shonen-ai fan too! XD

Yoshiya Feb 28, 2011

Hi, I like your avatar, Izaya is awesome!

I also like your rating system. ^^