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I don't add anything that I've dropped because I prefer to forget things that I don't really like.

My "Life on anime/manga" is low? Well, I don't count episodes/chapters due to laziness and little care toward achievements.

I used to be a mod, and that's all.

I'm not into anime forums and discussions.

Previous usernames: HumanBeing, EmbarrassingMyself, IMyself, EggsMustSlim

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Painito Apr 11, 2020

Thanks for the follow. Followed you back

If you wanna discuss or ask something please feel free

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Venosaurka Jan 30, 2020

I have nothing against Kaigaku, I actually thought that he was pretty cool and I liked his design. I'm glad that you also like Kanao, she is really underated and in my opnion she deserves more attention than Nezuko and Shinobu.

Venosaurka Jan 28, 2020

My favourites are Muichiro, Kokushibou, Yoriichi, Obanai, Kyoujurou, Kanroji and Kanao. I really love all of them! I dislike Zenitsu, I dislike his personality and he lacks development and I used to dislike Inosuke, but I stopped hating him after fight with Douma. What about you?

Venosaurka Jan 27, 2020

Demon Slayer is so entertaining! I enjoyed anime so much (even through I disliked some characters) and I fell in love with manga instantly and I even started to love many characters from it (especially pillars)!

I liked anime of Kaguya-sama and I read somewhere that manga is much better, so I will definitely read it. I also really like Tsurezure Children, it is such cute series and I plan to read manga of it for a long time now, I also have not read any 4-koma manga yet so Tsurezure Children would definitely would be amazing first choice.


Venosaurka Jan 26, 2020

I also love Demon Slayer! It is such amazing series! I also love Kaguya-sama and Tsurezure Children, but I haven't read manga of those shows yet.

I plan to watch Silver Spoon anime for a really long time now and now I really want to start watching it!