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First of all, I just wanna disclaim that I have never been a big fan of ecchi / harem animes, but I'm going to try to review it either way!

So this was the anime I got all hyped about. ''Yeaah anime monster girls with some ecchi in it, this is going to be nice!''

But this was not my cup of tea to be honest. I have watched a couple of ecchi and harem animes before, but this is definitly not one of the best ones. Most of the people who have rated this a high rate must have been the targeted audience (around 20 and cis male) so don't just assume that it's a great anime because of the star rating.

As a person who is biologically speaking a girl (who is attracted to females too), I have found enjoyment in ecchi / pantyshot animes (even though the targeted audience is men). But I've only enjoyed them if it was restricted and I wouldn't get unrealistic boobs shoved in the picture every second scene and there is still a reasonable story behind it with interesting characters. But so far, 2 epsodes in, I can't see any of that. It is sad how they threw away an amazing idea and amazing character designs on... this...

To be honest, the animation style gives me 2012 flashbacks, it feels like the ecchi style hasn't changed since then and it's just boring by now. I mean come on. I don't hate the style, and some parts are really well animated, but it gets boring to see animes with the same style over and over again. I haven't really been a fan of unrealistic bodies either.

I am not going to bash on people who enjoy this, but for me this is more like a porno where no one really cares about the story but just want to bust a nut and then wait a week for the next episode. The only good things I can find in this anime are the original character designs and that some parts are really well animated and cute, but only a couple of scenes. The characters all kind of react the same and it's annoying.

To finish this off, great character designs, the poster seemed great, but oh no you have no idea what you're actually signing up for. Nah, not my cup of tea.

1/10 story
4/10 animation
?/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Veral42 Apr 11, 2016


If you're looking for ecchi/comedy you need to do some research on the material before watching it, they are very hit-or-miss for an individual.  That said, I feel that Monster Musume did a fairly good job with their piece (my list gives it a 7/10).  You seem to be under the impression that they wasted a great idea, but this is not an original work, and after how many ecchi/comedy anime adaptations have failed their adaptations (Love Hina being the worst of them, condensing 14 printed volumes into 25 episodes) I can honestly say I'm quite glad to see one stay so true to the source material.