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A Guiding Conscious

Characters that act as a guiding conscious for others. They vocalize what the other character's thoughts are and encourage those characters along a certain path. Jiminy Cricket is a popular example.

AnimeFesta/Coolmic Anime

Originally launched as Anime Zone in March 2017, later renamed ComicFesta and now AnimeFesta. AnimeFesta is a TV block of anime adaptations of various smut manga published by Suiseisha and produced by WWWave Corporation. Each...

Anime with Competent Female Protagonists

Too often does anime present females in man-dependent light and riddled with stereotypes (typically deriving from Japanese culture), or doing everything for a man. This list is to provide anime with a refreshing take on females...

Artists not Animators

Artists specializing in fine art

Based on a Short Story

Anime that are based on a short story.

Chinese Mythology

Anime with Chinese mythology as a main component