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winter 2017 favourite is   Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (although I have to give credit to darling in the franxx and Violet Evergarden) 

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favourite of Autumn 17 : Recovery of a MMO Junkie   

Fav Summer 17 : Made in abyss 

Hey my name is Rachel.  Ive always enjoyed anime back in the day when Pokémon first came about . So we are talking what nearly 20 years ...  I lost my other account alongside all my reviews and followers Booo 😢 ... 

i watch both sub and dub 

 HUGE fan of bishounen & ikmen , My favourite bishie anime is Touken Ranbu 

My list contains a variety of genres, 

Romance, comedy,  shounen & shojo,  action , shounen-Ai ,reverse Harem , historic,  mythology,  drama , and so on . 

I'm starting my reviews again based on what I'm watching or just watched recently .. 

My favourite anime sorted by genres 

Fantasy- Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Romance- Kimi ni todoke

Supernatural- Noragami 

Comedy-  barakamon/handa-kun

Shounen-ai-  super lovers 

Idol / usic - Uta No Prince Sama 

Demon - Black Butler 

Adventure - Akatsuki No Yona

Post apocalypse - Seraph of the end

Sports - Haikyuu

Action -The Heroic Legend of Arslan 

Drama- Orange

Reverse Harem - Ouran High School Host Club 

Mystery - Bungou Stray Dogs 

Magic - Magi 

Superpowers - Boku no Hreo Academia

Sci-fi - No.6

Slice of Life- Natsume yuujinchou

Historical- Hakuouki 

Vampire - servamp

Shounen - D.Gray man

Shoujo - lovely complex 

Short episodes -  Orenchi no Furo Jijou ( merman in my tub)

Original work - Yuri on ice

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sothis Aug 11, 2017

Hi rachel! Are you familiar with our featured custom lists program? It's a way we can promote custom lists so that they show up on the anime, manga, character or person's page. Basically if a list has a good subject (best sci fi, manga with [some specific set of categories here], etc), a description, and (in most cases) reasons listed for each item, they're a great community resource for being featured.

I've set a few of your lists to featured as they're already set up that way: BL Fan Service, Top Yaoi/Shounen-ai Manga, Top Sports Anime. You have a ton of other good ones that could be featured, if they had reasons added. Do you plan on doing that for any of these? If so, drop me a line once you do so I can mark them featured. The only ones that can't be marked featured are the 'personal tracking' type ones (recommendations, my top 25 anime, my watched dubbed anime)

Thanks again! Loving your lists!

ZarIsHere Jun 29, 2017

This is just a quick question but, could you tell me the site that you read Chapters 58 through 84 of Raising a Bat? I can't find any English Translated chapters after 58. I really would appreciate if you could reply :)

Zangetsu92 May 17, 2017

Lol that zero guy cracks me up. He talks to all the girls on here....says theyre his favourite senpais....always hugging and just generally being creepy as fuck. He is most likely single and desperate so you know....p.s. If you don't believe me check everyone who he talks to and how he talks. Its always super fake nice, I mean who is always overly nice above the age of 20? Unless they have had the best of upbringings. And like have never watched reality TV ....basically living I'm a cloid.... In order to be that nice. 

He might fool all the gullible single girls on here but he doesn't fool me. In fact he actually pisses me off. As you can see he hasn't mailed you in months.....so why was he so nice? People only do that to leave an impression. Long story short he moves on from girl to girl. Only speaking to a small amount of small talkers who are lapping his fake niceness up big time. 

Lol I left a comment on your review ....hope you don't get offended. I was being frank I guess. Anyways ....✌

Aerythrin Feb 11, 2017

Hello! I just thought I would drop by and say hi because I really loved your BL ship list, it helped me pick some more anime to watch and I agree with your thoughts on the ones I've already seen. ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Sep 30, 2016

Oh I see, well as u can tell I'm also a 90s kid! :D

And I see that u watch a lot of different things too ^_^

Haha well, maybe u can talk to my Tori about that :P

She's British too u know, she's the best <3

Oh I see that's fun, it's nice to hav hobbies isn't it :)

Personally I like to collect watches and glassware ^_^

I knew I saw that title somewhere! It was Tori, she loves that game :). Here I'll send u to her page ^_^. Don't worry she's really friendly :)

Oh I see! Pretty mommy <3

Well as promised here's some things about me :)

As far as anime, I mean I've been watching anime actively since like 2010-2011. I'm not so much stuck to a particular genre as I am to more genre things like tone and storytelling. I like me a good serious emotional show, and I prefer a more methodical but impactful style of storytelling. Something almost quasi-episodic like an AnoHana or an Erased even. But there's plenty of time to talk about anime, we'll get into that more I'm sure.

As for me in real life, I work as a civil engineer. I actually started a new job just a few months ago, which is going well so far. I work mostlly w/  design of water pipelines, which is a bit of a change-up for me though my background is in the water industry in general.

Otherwise, I mean anime really is my primary hobby, and I don't really do much else in my limited free time. I do watch football on the weekends and occasionally a little soccer. I also enjoy listening to music as well ^_^

And of course, cause forget about hugging all my wonderful dear friends! *hug* :D