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Hello, thank you for dropping by on my account, I am new in here so feel free o help out :) I love anime and I am open for any kinds that you may want to recommend on, Comedy, Adventure, Horror any kind, or even if you just want to talk, feel free to comment :)

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xxNEETxx Jun 29, 2022

Howdy! No worries on the delayed reply. We all got things going on. :-)

That little boy in Ms. K Dragon Maid has a dad. I don't think they were living together. The boy and dragon, I mean.  The dad is Ms K and one of the dragon 's boss. Ah well. It's so easy to get offended and...the Japanese.... don'  There's so much more to be offended by.

Nope. Fiance don't like noise. But he likes boobs. That's why he loves Dragon Maid. That's why I am stuck watching that Dr monster show.  He really likes K-on. Ever seen? Very relaxing. No boobs. I prefer Aria. Those are the chicks with the gondolas in outer space.

Kotaro has a few sad parts, but it's very heartwarming. I also don't like sad shows. Stay away from Clannad!

I haven't finished any shows since we last spoke. Except for Human Resources. Do you have Netflix? It's on there. I don't know why we still have it, TBH. But I do like Stranger Things and that's coming up.

Do you celebrate 4th of July? I'm in California, but we don't really. I'm seriously thinking about ratting on my neighbors. I'm usually a live and let live kinda person, but last year they scared my dog really bad. She was shaking til 3 a.m. These are the big fireworks. Not the tiny ones. They live several blocks from us and I can see them in the sky. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy your time swimming! TTYL 

xxNEETxx Jun 27, 2022

Hiya!  So sorry to be out of touch for so long. Last week was crazy. Not even the good kind.

How are things with you? Hope my message finds you well.

I have seen both seasons of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. And I like them both. I don't recall any pedo scenes.  One character is a loli. I only remember boobs. LoL.  I haven't seen Goblin Slayer or Berserk. I don't watch a lot of action, partly because my fiance will start asking me why everyone is screaming. And why is it so loud? I don't feel like I am missing too much anyway.

Last night I binged watched a spin-off of Big Mouth called Human Resources. It's really funny and I highly recommend it. Especially if you enjoy raunchy humor.

I'm also watching Kotaro Lives Alone, which I love. I'm normally not into childcare themed shows but it's really good. What about you?

I'm still watching the Forgers. I'm on 10 of Spy x Family. Also love.  I've been watching lots of dubs lately because I feel the need to keep my hands busy.

Are you watching or doing anything interesting? It's very hot here.

Have a good week!

redjello08 Jun 27, 2022

thank you so much, you too :)

xxNEETxx Jun 21, 2022

Hi! How are you? Anything new going on?

I saw part of Welcome to the NHL, but I stopped watching it for some reason. I have a tendency to drop a show after 4 episodes or so, if I don't love it. Like, I have to really love it. If it's acceptable,, and there aren't any loud explosion, I just leave it on for background noise. What about you? Do you watch them all?

The only exceptions are stuff I watch with my fiance. We're watching Monster Doctor. I think that's the name. It's a fantasy about this doctor and he feels up, I mean heals, all these mythical creatures. It's like Monster Masume but with a doctor. I don't like it. We're only watching it because the lady monsters have big boobs. They aren't drawn very attractively. Just boobs.

Did I tell you I am watching Spy x Family? It's pretty good thus far.

I'm reading a danmei for this online book club I joined. I think everyone has checked out, at least temporarily. I'm getting ready to skip to the last chapter and just call it a day. It's a very serious danmei. Do you read? I only started maybe a year ago. I also read manga/manhua.

Hope you are doing well. Take care!

xxNEETxx Jun 19, 2022

Hi, B!

How are things? Hope you are having a better time of things. You are always welcome to vent. Feel free to shoot me a dm. I slept all Saturday.  I didn't get a booster shot and went to have dinner with a friend. I didn't have a fever after, but just felt really tired and awful after. Later, I found out she got COVID. *Shrug* Too late for me to get tested.

I'm also having a "staycation". Not going anywhere. How's that Yuri? I forgot I did watch this other one called yurikuma arashi. The girls turn into bears and devour their girl victims. They love honey. Get it? I like the OST. Some dude I talked to kept falling asleep. LoL. Weak.

I looked at the description for Clink Link and it looks really cool. Is it a BL? I bet it isn't. My brain is warped by bl. I saw the poster for the latest Moriarty the Patriot. It's just an innocent picture of him and some other dude, probably Holmes. And I was like, they're doing it.  If I remember correctly, their backs are to each other and their arms are folded. Totally a lover's pose. Hahaha.

Sorry my message is so short this time. I'm a little groggy cuz I just woke up. You are a very sweet person and I wish you a very happy week ahead. Or at least a fair to middling one!