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KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Mar 20, 2022

u seem cool so ima follow u xD

+ ur kinda funny ngl

HornyJail Nov 23, 2021

new found evidence as brought me here your getting a year now bud 

sothis Nov 3, 2021

Hello! I see you've marked Genshin Impact characters in your loves/hates - are you a fellow player? If so, do come check out our Anime-Planet official Discord server, as we've had a discussion channel for the game since it launched, and a bunch of us (including me and quite a few of the database moderators) chat in there regularly about it. We also do group wishing sessions when new banners drop, talk about events, good builds, etc. 

The server also has anime/manga/webtoon discussion channels, general off topic and gaming convos, etc. Hope to see you in there sometime :)

Dubfan Oct 14, 2021

Oh yeah, there is a power struggle in the second nation for succession to the kingdom.

Dubfan Oct 14, 2021

Yeah, sorry I don't really remember the show all that well.

In the show:

1. The love interests aren't the biggest fans of their respective nations. They dont fit into the national agenda and want to stop the conflict. Seems they are fated to be together.

2. Being from rival nations, they are "star-crossed lovers" (unless that changes)

3. There is never peace.

1.-3. Romeo & Juliet

4. I don't think they die, am I wrong? No sleeping draft/suicide

5. There was a third party that wants to overthrow the magic nation. Some guy locked up in a holding cell. I don't think he was elaborated on. Open ended.

Did I get the gist of the show? or am I missing something very important?