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My name is Stephanie and i am half Portugese and half Dutch.I left the Netherlands now 1 month ago and will be living in Portugal for a time.I have been crazy about anime for 3 or 4 years now and n june 2009 was my first time attending a animecon. It was pretty amazing and I am planning in Portugal attending all of them.It's pretty cool seeing all of it hehe.I am 18 years old and will be attending a study of Tourism.My favourite animes are: Bleach, Naruto. Shaman King, Code Geass, Spiral, Sola, Gravitation, Vampire Knight, Yugioh Gx and Full Metal Alchemist.

I have 1 cat named Luna, a dog who is a labrador called Blacky and a other dog a yorkshire called Nina. They are all really crazy I've got a lot of fun with them.As a anime fan I love to go to con's and I like to organize groups for going to them.. i always make a lot of video's and pictures there xD

I also interest a lot in singing and writing...

I am a enthausiastic person and a little hyper.. you think that's bad but I kind of were for a long time silent but i am now happy and that's all what matters right? I like to learn languages and I want to live in Japan when i am done with my studies and have some money offcourse.

See ya mate ne!

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Catarina Oct 16, 2009

então sempre foste ao Anipop?

Catarina Oct 2, 2009

Epah tb tive sem internet! Á quase um mês que não vejo Anime (x_x) Já ando para acabar de ver Aoi Hana, que tem só 11 episodios, à um mês. Rdiculo!!!!

E agora que começei as aulas vai começar a ser ainda mais dificil ver qualquer coisa porque tenho aulas das 8h ás 6h (x_x) o que me deixa morta by the end of the day.

Eu acho que em principio também vou sábado e domingo ao Anipop, mas entretanto a minha mãe quer que eu vá visitar a minha avó com ela este sábado (x_x) Perfect timming, huh? lol Mas vou ver se me consigo esquivar.

Catarina Sep 23, 2009

Oooops my bad! 3 dias custa 7 euros e 50 cêntimos

Catarina Sep 23, 2009

Tudo bem?

Olha o site do anipop já está em funcionamento!

Um dia custa 3 euros e os 2 dias custa 7 euros e 50 cêntimos!

Se queres entrar nos concursos de cosplay tens que te inscrever!!!!

totorolover Sep 22, 2009

btw: do u also speak japanese?

i also want 2 go 2 japan.