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This show knows exactly what it is. It is fanservice surrounded by comedy. Or maybe the other way around? Comdey surrounded by fanservice. In any case, Monster Musume doesn't try to add in a plot where there shouldn't be one. So many other ecchi/romcoms have met their fate by way of a superfluous attempt at making an engaging story. This anime follows a simple story line and is filled with plenty of fanservice and gut wrenchingly funny moments.


The story is just enough to make sense without attempting to be anything other than a romcom ecchi anime. 


The animation is on par with just about all others released this year. It is beautifully done, just not anything special. That being said, however, this show did contain one of most stupidly beautiful scenes of any anime I've seen this year. It is in the last episode as Mia calls out to her love, pleading with him to not leave her behind. -not a spoiler


Sound effects were enought to support the story and give the animation life. The voice acting was far better than I had imagined it would be. The background music was nothing memorable. In the same scene that I mentioned earlier, Mia -- voiced by Soya Amamiya, from Aldnoah Zero (Asseylum Vers Allusia), Akame ga Kill (Akame), Plastic Memories (Isla), One Week Friends (Kaori Fujimiya), and the voice of Touka from Tokyo Ghoul -- delivered one of the most emotionally filled and believable laments I've heard! 10/10


My roommates and I got into many disputes upon which Monster Girls were our favorites! However much I loved the characters, I cannot say that they were well developed. The charactershad little in the way of backstory, but they each had a personality that was endearing in their own way. It is what it is, but for a Harem anime, this is about as much as you can expect.

Loved every aspect of this show! Be warned, unless you wish to have your eyes lose their purity, do not watch the uncensored version of this show. 



9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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