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graafnacula Nov 29, 2011


Sorry for my kinda late responce again but you didn't react for a while.

I don't watch anime anymore, but I think I'll watch this one time. It's one of those show's which still interest me :P.So how've ya been?

graafnacula Oct 12, 2011

Hey dude...Sorry for not appearing for like a year......I haven't been watching anime and I didn't know why I'd have to stay on this site.. At a certain moment when I hadn't even receaved messages for a whil I just stopped looking at this site... Sorry for that.

So how have you been?

Yufis01 Sep 15, 2011

hey man been a while aye, i just finished watching stein;gate and i rekon it was the best show i ever saw lol its so original

jellypurple Jul 17, 2011

Have a great day friend! ♥