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Larkawolfgirl May 1, 2014

Back in the 90s I had only seen the random episode. I thought Dragon Ball so cute but thought DBZ was weird because all I ever saw was Piccolo fighting Frieza I think. 

I'm really behind in the Naruto anime too and a few chapters behind in the manga. I have been wanting to start Hunter X Hunter but it is yet another long one. My sister and I started One Piece not too long ago and I was hoping to catch up on that before starting Hunter X Hunter but we have taken a somewhat long break from One Piece. Ever since the Chopper arc it just hasn't felt the same. I'm trying to even remember what was going on. Oh yes, we were during the filler right after Skypia. Instead of watching that we are watching this really boring show Hiiro no Kakera. 

Larkawolfgirl Apr 20, 2014

Hey, it's been a while. What's up? I like your new avatar. I don't even think we've talked since I watched DBZ. Yay DBZ. I had alwas been meaning to watch it, but I put it off because of how long is was. Now I see what the hype was about it. It's hilarious! Who are your favorite characters? My 3 faves are Gohan, Future Trunks, and Vegeta. Also, did you hear that the Naruto manga is ending this year? How you feel about that? I love Naruto so much, but I'm actually happy about it. I feel that it has gone on long enough and I like to be able to mark things as read/watched. And when things get dragged out too long you start to lose interest. 

BlackRozeOtaku Nov 15, 2013

it is:D adjusting to the UNI life lol how bout you?:O

Larkawolfgirl Apr 16, 2013

That would. I actually considered trying to become a voice actor for a while but everytime I make a certain voice I forget it later. Plus, I think if I wanted schooling for it it would be plain acting which I suck at