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Sket Dance

Jan 27, 2015

SKet dance is an anime about high school .............OK screw the bull shit summary , gintoki him self sumed it up really well " OH so its  gintama in a school setting " , personaly i loved this anime , among one of my favorites so i may tend to be a little bias , even though i think the score is perfectly resonable 

to be perfectly blunt there isen't much story  this is a very charcter driven anime/manga series , there is a stand out part of this series and it shows a some times painfuly realistic look on life , every one suffers and every one takes suffering differently, i would have liked this anime to end at graduation as its a school life anime , but the anime did end on a high note (in my opnion) there are moments in this anime will make you laugh and make you cry but mostly laugh 


 The animation really stood out to me as great but not amazing although at times it was amazing just not consistant , around the 3rd quarter i noticed the quality droped but picked up again like 17 episodes before the end , there was a lot of clever use of cgi in this anime that i liked and disliked , like how close ups on peoples hands were cgi (mostley when switch was typeing on his keyboard ) 


Te sound track was great , it really fit the show and i loved all the openings and really did like the endings , and the music really set the mood well with the action , comedy , serious and emotional moments , the voice acting was great ( this is jappaense version as there is no english version at the time i am writing this ) the only one i had a problem with was rumi the girl who played her felt kinda stale at times but this is a minor gripe as she was only a reocurring charcter 


THIS IS WHERE THE ANIME SHINES , switch , bossun and himiko i loved them all , their quarks and i especialy loved himiko and bossuns relationship ( no they arn't dateing ) the act like best friends as well as an old married couple and sometimes like there are first loves without actualy breaking the friend zone , and alot of who himiko is , is thanks to bossun ( his real name is yuuske, bossun is just easier to rember )  i honestly feel like these 2 charcters would get to the age of like 30 and then finaly realize that they are ment for each other and then be married , hahahahaha this is anime relationships dont happen especialy in shounen anime (exculding naruto ) or actualy this anime dose have at least one of your potential ships go cannon just no spoilers , but back to topic , switch is a really tragic character and his back story made me cry the most ,mostly because i related to him more than they other 2 and also its just plain depressing , hoe ever he came out of it broken but not beaten and thats what i liked about him , yes his suffering changed hm but he can still laugh and joke and thats why i loved this anime ,how painfuly realistic it was at times 

7.7/10 story
8.9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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